Whatever Happened to Kevin Smith…

This is a question we could be asking a few years from now. That’s because the events of the weekend could very well destroy his career. Let me be clear, I’m a HUGE Smith fan and can’t wait till he comes back to Detroit to shoot Hit Somebody. And while I don’t think his career is in danger, I’ve been wrong before…


This past weekend at the Sundance Festival (where he launched Clerks and started his career 17 years ago), Kevin Smith premiered his new movie Red State. The movie is stirring up some controversy, as it is an obvious shot at Fred Phelps and the other religious nut jobs. The news however, isn’t about the movie, but rather what he said after the screening.

For those of you that don’t know, filmmakers take their movies to festivals like this in hopes of selling them to studios for distribution.  So Smith filled an auditorium, many of the seats belonging to studio people, and had promised an auction of the film after the screening. But what he did instead was got up on stage and talked for 26 minutes about everything that was wrong with said studios, before revealing that he had no intention to sell the rights at all.

This might not sound like a big deal to a lot of the people reading this, but there are ramifications that could be disastrous…

The videos are a bit long, so if you don’t have 26 minutes to watch them (below) let me summarize a little…

– He comes out carrying the last stick Wayne Gretzky ever used in Edmonton, before being traded to LA. We will shortly learn that this signifies his own leaving LA to do things on his own. I thought this was way cool.

– Then he talks, at length, about everything he feels is wrong with Hollywood advertising, and how afterward his $4 million dollar movie would need to make $26 million just to break even.

– He then tells the studios that he lied and won’t be auctioning off the movie, but instead using his smodcast and twitter to advertise it himself. He will then travel around the country showing the film and doing Q&A’s afterward to try to raise the $4 million to pay back his investors before the film even opens in October.

– Finally, he talks about no longer trying to make movies for a wider audience, but instead just focusing on his own fan base.

See the full videos here:

It’s a bit long-winded I know, but I loved when he told the studio heads he was sorry for lying to them, but they had lied to him for years with all the good trailers that preceded shitty movies.

Anyhow, he basically just burned a bunch of bridges, and now if his plan doesn’t work, he could have trouble getting movies made in the future. And he said as much himself in a quick interview afterward, which you can watch here: Kevin Smith ponders the fate of his career in Sundance

That being said, I think it will work, for him. Smith has a pretty loyal fan base (myself included) and a big enough name where he can have success doing things his own way. I could even see (if it works) his pals Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez trying something similar in the future.

Anyhow, I plan to go in March when he comes to Michigan, as I did last year when he was in Royal Oak. If you’re interested, here are the dates…

March 5th – Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY
March 6th – Wilbur Theater, Boston, MA
March 8th – Harris Theater, Chicago, IL
March 9th – State Theater, Minneapolis, MN
March 10th – Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI
March 11th – Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis, IN
March 12th – Midland Theater, Kansas City, MO (the backyard of the hateful Fred Phelps)
March 14th – Clark State PAC, Springfield OH
March 22nd – Paramount Theater, Denver, CO
March 26th – McAlister Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
March 28th – Paramount Theater, Austin, TX
March 29th – Cobb Energy Centre, Atlanta, GA
April 4th – Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Seattle, WA

UPDATE: Supascoot did a pretty good write-up on this topic as well: SMITH: INDIE 2.0

11 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Kevin Smith…”

  1. I’ll be driving up from Cleveland to go to the show in A2

    Also @SupaScoot Check it

    ThatKevinSmith KevinSmith
    Via @TSNProducerTim “Does Canada count as ‘foreign’ distribution” Ironically, yes. So we’ll have a distributor up there who will ALSO tour the flick the way we’re doing down here. We hope to lock up Canada & some other international territories in the next few weeks. Hold on…


  2. News Bulletin Sundance proven corrupt ; Kevin Smith and head programmer John Cooper confess;
    John Cooper;
    In August 2nd 2010, Kevin and myself had a discussion about Red State that was not even casted or in production. I received a package from an Independent filmmaker August 1st, that was brilliant, controversial, and had an incredible marketing strategy, I never replied to their e-mails, I allowed my assistant to try to get rid of them while I blatantly stole their ideas, concepts, marketing plans, sharing them with Kevin, as we planned a strategy for Red State, a failing attempt to resurrect the career of my friend of 17 years Kevin Smith. Kevin’s film did not meet the dead line or requirements, and did not in fact begin until September 22nd.
    I read the Yeager’s letter, I never replied personally, I was informed about them 2 months prior by a stranger, but I could not allow the film to be submitted, due to the fact that these unknown people, a husband and wife, had a very profound film, against corruption, injustice, vanities , and enlightening and Kevin makes meaningless trash, and this is what I prefer based on my consciousness and character. I denied them the chance, I suppressed the truth, and stole all of their ideas and shared them with Kevin. We both agreed as most do in this business, stealing is easier then trying to think of a original and meaningful idea.

    Kevin Smith;
    John told me over the phone about a film that was petitioned, and that was going to be banned from Sundance, it was called Jesus of Malibu, a very kool title, and it sounded very controversial and cutting edge, I really had nothing to prepare for Sundance, but John thought that if f I threw something together that we could get a protest going and I could stage a counter protest, bring in some cops, bullhorns, and create a bit of controversy, that maybe I could be the hit at Sundance this year. I threw together a story of Three horny high school boys come across an online personal ad from an older woman looking for a gang bang, and boys being boys, they hit the road to satisfy their libidinal urges, and casted a Fred Phelps, knowing this would draw major attention due t the fact that these other people had a legit and very strong chance at Sundance since they were going to be protested against since early April. John discarded all their materials, and advised his assistant to get rid of them, knowing all along that their film would overshadow my really bad movie, so bad, I couldn’t sell it in fact, I bought it for 20.00 and now I have to go on the road, but tried covering my ass, as if to make this sound like cutting edge distribution.
    I began Twittering High-school students, and all my fans to protest in a pathetic attempt to be someone artistic and talented.
    John misguided myself and now we are both embarrassed of this situation, and we deeply apologize to the filmmakers who we stole all of their ideas, and suppressed their very powerful, profound and meaningful film, and karma is real, my film sucks, and John will be head manager at The Home Depot.

    Sundance and Kevin Smith are frauds and now I am going to prove it.

    Kevin Smith AND Sundance Film Festival specifically John Cooper, are thieves, crooks, rip offs who not only stole every event that actually happened to us and used it, but never replied once to the letters below, about the film and marketing materials that they used for Kevin’s piece of slop.

    You have to examine these dates to see how corrupt this whole business of Sundance is and the politics of Indy films, and how you will never get to see a real indy gem and how Robert Redford’s ‘We support the independent sprit” statement was raped like the American Indian thanks to those who took control.

    These are the facts and e-mails.

    Our film was petitioned by Westboro Baptist right here, the article National Press “The Edge”  NOTICE THE DATE JULY 5TH  http://tinyurl.com/39botoo

    This was all done because of our film trailer on youtube  NOTICE THE DATE MAY 15TH 

    Our film trailer  pissed a lot of people off, but we didn’t do this just to cause sensationalism, we sought “truth”.

    In late July we began to prepare our film to Submit to Sundance. Their new submission process was on-line “without a box” ( also cost money) and does not allow you to make choices, such as , ours was a ‘film trilogy” 3 part series.
    There were no choices for that. I called to ask for info, no one would answer my question, How should I submit my film? Should I only submit part 1, should I edit a shorter version of 1 and 2 together? Etc.

    I had submitted films in the past that had won awards at other festivals, but were rejected at Sundance, I began to think about the 10,000 film submissions they brag about and the fact that only 6 head programmers actually watch these films. I decided the best thing for me to do was to send a package of our film trailers, music soundtrack, press kit , which we had already began receiving International Press from just our YOUTUBE trailers, practically unheard of
    proof here> http://tinyurl.com/37xuryo

    Now this is where it starts to get really strange.

    Imagine being a Sundance Film Festival programmer, and someone told you about  a couple of filmmakers they met at Sundance standing in the snow and they drove from Florida to try and raise 35,000.00 for their Independent film, and they were handing out DVD proposals, asking people and  attendees, to support their cause, to make a film that could “change the world”.
    Imagine that person who kept that DVD but didn’t invest and one night was watching a Entertainment News segment about the filmmakers, that featured a story about how they lost their jobs and home, sold all of their possessions, bought a used 15 foot travel trailer, camera, lights, sound, and spent the next 2 years living in the middle of the desert, traveling 4500 miles, in 13 states, writing, producing, directing, acting, building their own film sets, and making their own wardrobe, and completing their film WITHOUT ANY MONEY, AND WITHOUT A FILM CREW. 2 people, Husband and wife, surviving and living and filming in Deserted Ghost towns along Route 66 and also composed and recorded all the music soundtrack themselves playing every single musical instrument.

    Let me ask you, if you were a Sundance Film Festival programmer, would this not in the least bit get YOUR ATTENTION? Would it make you curious? 2 people a husband and wife team, on an enlightenment journey committed for over 6 years of studies, and training, and transforming themselves into their characters, wanting to make a film that could change the world?

    A movie filmed along sacred geometric energy grid lines, music composed by re-tuning instruments and creating wave and vibrations, no script, plots or sub plots, but filming scenes weeks sometimes months over and over again, trying to obtain truth in every meaning, every word, every bit of their spirit and soul being. > LINK

    But this is the answer we received;

    RE: Cooper Important regarding misplaced package

    Lisa Ogdie

    Add to Contacts
    To:    William Anais    

    Hi William,

    Cooper is traveling extensively over the next few months and is focused on working through films that have been submitted and are being considered for the Festival.  I know you’ve made it very clear that your film is not a submission and therefore can not be considered.



    Let me explain, I made it clear it WAS NOT A SUBMISSION because it was only a DVD of our film trailers. The letter inside the package we sent to Cooper explained all of this.

    It also explain the same details above, International press, a film poster very kool, created by an artist from Berlin, you really have to see this> http://2012conscience.blogspot.com/

    Did you also notice, paintings, instruments, poems, sculptures, music, and even a comic created by artist of our characters Mindy and Jesus from Berlin, Paris, New Zealand, and the US who created and donated their time.

    Impressive, yes?

    How about this>   http://hozho66.blogspot.com/

    Impressive, no?

    There are only 4 letters below addressed specifically to Cooper, not ONE response, not ONE, his ….assistant informed us that John was …. too busy.

    But here is the ORIGINAL letter from the person, who kept our DVD from 2 years ago, saw our story on the news and wrote JOHN COOPER.

    He asked why we never got to Cooper and Sundance , after all, HE DID FOR ….US…

    From: Ed Todd [mailto:ted82@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 8:24 PM
To: John Cooper
Subject: Dear John ; Wheres the rebellion? It may be closer than you think
    Dear John Cooper,

My wife and I attend Sundance Film Festival every year, we love it we have been going for over 15 years now. We try to see every film we can, you name it, shorts/ docs/ features. 
I had a chance to say hello to you briefly at one of the event party’s but you were quite busy don’t know if you remember (the Big burly guy > blonde balding hair, and thin tall blonde wife with Virginia accent).
I think change is good for Sundance and we are glad that you are on board can’t wait for next year and that is why I am writing you.
My wife and I  met a couple at the festival the previous year who were from Florida, they drove all the way to Sundance to hand out a DVD film proposal to people who were entering and exiting from the movie theaters. Very nice sincere couple, most passionate and determined, they spoke with us about their film and we took the DVD home to Connecticut where we live and watched it. It was a homemade movie trailer very eclectic, very original and haunting.
Along with the small trailer they made with their 100.00 dollar picture camera, they were both pouring their hearts out about their film that they were only asking 35,000.00 for. 
At that time my wife and I talked for days about seriously considering becoming their 
” executive producers” as they called it.  The impression it made upon us is beyond description. My wife had tears.
We didn’t want to make contact with them until we had made up our minds. 
Then some unfortunate health problems came up within the family, we got sidetracked and forgot all about it.
Then this winter while we were in Denver we saw a News Segment about the couple and the story told how they had made their film without any money, and about how they did this all themselves. We were following their blog for many months, every now and then checking in to see how they were doing.
Well it seems pretty well, and I am writing you personally because from my experience in investments, business, marketing, I think these people have something more than original John, I think this may be what you dream of, especially for the NEXT segment that you have developed which I think is a great concept.
In short, I feel bad that I wasn’t able to help them, and I have this gut feeling that I will wish that I had invested the 35 Grand.
I have made no contact other then to purchase some music from their web-site which is brilliant, they both composed all the music to their film.
I would like to know how I could become involved and what if I were to become a middleman, so to speak, not for the money but because I think this couple not only deserves a chance but they truly have created something most profound and original. 
I hope I am not stepping out of bounds by being too pushy, but I think Sundance could use a “real indy gem” this has got all the makings of a great film story by the way, all the elements of one of those big stories that comes along once every 10 or 15 years.
Let me know what you think, I wanted to see if I could somehow put you in touch with them, I do not know their plans for their film 

I will look forward to your response

Ed and Helen Goddette

Oh by the way, from the way they conducted their interview, I would say THIS is the rebellion. A couple of real rebels you would enjoy!
    From: John Cooper
    Subject: RE: Dear John ; Wheres the rebellion? It may be closer than you think
    To: “‘Ed Todd'”
    Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 1:48 PM

    what a journey! Yes put them in touch with me. I can guide them through some choices they have to make. Thanks for thinking of us. It has  been a  crazy year!
    DATES letter sent >April 12, 2010 8:24 PM> letter replied April 13, 2010, 1:48 PM
    One day, an unknown person, not even a filmmaker, received a reply on our behalf, sounds promising doesn’t it.
    Read on…
    Remember the package, the DVD, the music CD soundtrack, the press , International Magazines, kool poster, letters from supporters?
    Here is the e-mail replys from Johns assistant Lisa
    Here is the e-mail replys from Johns assistant Lisa
    From: William Anais [mailto:william_anais@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 9:25 AM
    To: John Cooper
    Subject: re: Cooper Important regarding misplaced package

     Dear John Cooper;

    My wife and myself are contacting you in this letter because there has been a mix-up in your office with a package and letter we sent to you personally with several other items.
    This was NOT  a film submission and I am writing to your e-mail address so that I will be informed that  you have received all the materials we have sent you.

    The letter and contents of our package are important for you to read.

    We have a film trilogy and the without a box submission process does not allow you to be able to submit this, can someone help us and explain what to do?

    We would be willing to drive there on our own gas and time, 1200 miles, to bring our film to you in person, that is not a problem.
    We just want to make sure that it has a chance to get looked at, and so everything is explained in the letter I sent, how do we submit our film?

    William and Anais

    From: Lisa Ogdie
    To: William Anais
    Sent: Fri, August 6, 2010 1:14:02 PM
    Subject: RE: Cooper Important regarding misplaced package

    Hi William,

    I’m Lisa, Cooper’s assistant.  Thank you for your email and I can assure you that Cooper has received all the contents you outlined below.  We assumed that you had wanted the film to be considered for the Festival as well and had passed only the DVD on to our submissions department.  The DVD has since been returned to Cooper.  I apologize for the misunderstanding.


    Lisa Ogdie

    Assistant to Director, Sundance Film Festival

    Coordinator, Public Programming Initiatives

    Sundance Institute

    8530 Wilshire Blvd, 3rd Floor

    Beverly Hills, CA 90211

    310.360.1981 tele
    310.360.1969 fax

    3 DAYS GO BY, CHECK DATES>  3 DAYS! By now, 3 days… I am wondering…. no reply…. nothing? But an unknown person Ed, writing to John Personally gets a response, and by the way, we wrote to John’s personal e-mail also, but we were AUTOMATICALLY passed to Lisa.

    From: William Anais [mailto:william_anais@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 10:26 AM
    To: Lisa Ogdie
    Subject: Re: Cooper Important regarding misplaced package

     Hi Lisa,

    Has John received and read our previous letter/ e-mail attached below?

    William and Anais

    LOOK NOW, it takes over a whole day to reply to my simple question, they sent my DVD TRAILER, which was never submitted as a film, to the film submissions, ( doesn’t make sense does that? I never filled out the on-line submission or was given a tracking number???)  it had a letter right on the top, explaining in the FIRST SENTENCE what this was, yet they misplaced it, watch what REALLY HAPPENS….

    From: Lisa Ogdie
    To: William Anais
    Sent: Tue, August 10, 2010 4:13:54 PM
    Subject: RE: Cooper Important regarding misplaced package

    Hi William,

    Cooper has received and read your email, yes.  Thank you for contacting us.



    What kind of reply is THAT?
    At this point I expected at least John to simply pick up the phone, and say, well you have to do this , or that, or yes drop your film off, or this looks interesting, something???
    But no, once again it is Lisa, is this strange or what?

    So again, to the POINT, short , sweet, trying to get CLARITY… I simply ask…

    Lisa, You said John has read our e-mail, thank you….??? Can you please be more specific as to when should I be expecting a reply about what is addressed to John in our letter?


    And THIS is the FINAL REPLY…..from LISA!!!!!

    RE: Cooper Important regarding misplaced package

    Lisa Ogdie

    Add to Contacts
    To:    William Anais    

    Hi William,

    Cooper is traveling extensively over the next few months and is focused on working through films that have been submitted and are being considered for the Festival.  I know you’ve made it very clear that your film is not a submission and therefore can not be considered.



    WHAT? Traveling extensively, I guess that means he is not there actually watching the 10,000 submissions coming in,  and I did not make it clear that my film was not a submission, I asked HOW CAN I SUBMIT MY FILM, WITHOUT A BOX doesn’t allow for trilogies, etc??

    At this point you will ask, ok, what is your point? Yes it is a bit rude, non professional, and yes he contacted a stranger immediately and never even wanted WANTED to speak with you.
    So the BIG question is WHY? WHY?

    Well we saved the best part for last, for this is what Sundance and Kevin would never want you to know…..

    Kevin wasn’t even in production in July with his film, not even for August, not even for September 1st with Red State, this is from Hwd Reporter “Kevin Smith Red State begins casting Red State August 6th”

    August 6th!

    “Kevin begins production September 22nd on Red State” ( do your research)
    September 22nd!!!!! BEGINS!

    We sent our package August 1st, Federal Express.
    Remember all the contents, links, Westboro Baptist Church Protest articles?

    HERE is the link> original dates and site 

    And here is the original Twitter Protest and e-mails with Shirley Phelps>


    So we got Westboro against us in June, we send our film” Jesus of Malibu” ( controversial) in August 1st. We receive no reply EVER , EVER  NEVER ….from John Cooper …PERIOD… and remember the 3 days there was no reply?
    Nothing, nothing, just ….waiting?
    And then all of a sudden Kevin decides to ” throw together a CASTING August 6th, film starting in September 22nd, and throws in the character Fred Phelp’s in a blood fest thriller movie,.. is this making sense?
    Still no relpy from anyone, except …. go away John doesn’t have time.

    And then all of a sudden Kevin stages some ” counter protest at his crappy film, recruiting High School kids, filming hmself with FAKE COPS, and trying to make himself look real controversial..


    In order to save himself some time and embarrassment, months ago Kevin Smith should have sent fruit baskets to right-wingers like myself with a polite note attached: Would you please get outraged over my new film “Red State?” I could really use the publicity. XXOO Kevin
    I’m not above taking the bait now and again, but it was just so obvious what Smith’s gameplan was. He’d make a film attacking right-wing Christians, publicize that he was doing so, and from there we Wingers were all supposed to do the heavy lifting for him. We would submit our outrage online and on the cable nets, “Red State” would get a ton of free publicity and “controversy,” and then going into Sundance Smith would have on his hands a hot political football that some distributor excited over the prospect off pissing off Christians, would pick up. Smith probably had delusions of a culture war controversy matching the “Passion of the Christ.”
    So how bad was Smith’s marketing plan? So bad he melted down at Sundance in front of potential buyers. Obviously fearing he wouldn’t land a buyer, Smith decided to get out in front of the coming bad news with a “I meant to do that” narrative claiming he never intended to sell the film in the first place.

    So there you have it. Dates, e-mails, one incredible film,  Jesus of Malibu , package , International press and a great  marketing campaign, a REAL one, that was snuffed out by John Cooper the sleeze bag, and his friend yes, friend, because I had spoken personally to Mehgan on the phone, telling her about my dilemma, needing to speak with Kevin about this, our film being banned, he never responded either, she said, Oh Kevin won’t support that, he is best friends with John Cooper!
    It s when I found out about the “bogus protest, and the rest it all made sense. They stole everything we had.

    Who cares? We are on our own , thank God, and these slime balls, think about this one.

    Here is our synopsis;


    Jesus and Mindy, 2 people seeking “truth”, discover the Universal knowledge that less is more, and is the secret to enlightenment. Their quest for truth takes them deep into the desert where they find solitude, and freedom. With passion, desire and ingenuity they both discover their own way to live and survive in nature, separated from society and a world that is lost in chaos. As they individually search for purpose and meaning in their lives, their worlds intertwine. Living in a Ghost Town called 2 Guns, Jesus invents a radio station from pirating other radio station signals and begins to rant about the injustice and lies of the world. Mindy travels with her pet tortoise and has been living in caves, writing and singing her songs to connect with nature and the Universe, and leaving hand written messages about changing the world in remote places. One day a inflated balloon with a letter attached finds its way to Jesus. The 2 are brought together and they embark on a process of trying to find a way to change the world.

    RED STATE ( from Wikipedia)

    Three horny high school boys come across an online personal ad from an older woman looking for a gang bang, and boys being boys, they hit the road to satisfy their libidinal urges. What begins as a fantasy, however, takes a dark turn as they come face-to-face with a terrifying fundamentalist “holy” force with a fatal agenda.

    Well it seems that John Cooper and Sundance are more interested in farts, sperm, shit, gang bangs,

    and here is the reviews

    Messy, overwritten, visually stylish, but kind of a bore

    Red State Is A Messy, Ambitious Disappointment

    A shoddy film and a bait-and-switch event fail to satisfy on any level

    I truly believe “Red State” the movie is a failure on almost every level.

    Ane here s just one of our comments from a youtube video

    Dear Billy and Anais,
     What you two are doing took so much courage and guts. But not only that what you are saying, preaching and living is completely awe inspiring. It is a very potent, bold, honest and enlightening, I am left with watery eyes. I think your work is so very important to get people to think outside the box. I am certain that your film will be one of the most important independent films of our time and become a classic. You are both lovely, bold and beautiful individuals.

    Sundance John Cooper, and Kevin Smith all belong to a bucket of turd’s and shit filled with jizm.
    This is the film that Cooper filled the slot with, instead of ours, instead of responding, instead of being courteous, professional, and a real supporter of great independent film.

    And last but not least. My wife made John a box, by hand, she took 2 days collecting wild grasses, and flowers, and hand painted a ” gift box” for Cooper. It wasn’t a “bribe” it was a ‘gift’ that we said, Thank you for allowing us the time to come drop off out film, ASSUMING, that we would be able to, and knew his time was valuable. We wanted to show him we were genuine, not like Kevin the smut man, and in the end they stole all of our ideas, and Kevins film sucks and now everyone knows.

    The gift box is the same one my wife made me when we were married, she said, out your hearts desire on these little notes before you go to sleep.
    I wrote every-night for 6 years, ” Give me the opportunity and ability to make a film that can help humanity and change the world.
    And you the public, got screwed, you got Red State instead. Sundance is corrupt, like everything else in the world, and now we are the power, and Sundance is DEAD.

    This was the best thing that could have ever happened to us, and we are the only people in 25 years that has told them exactly what we think of them, and THEY dont like it.
    BOO HOO!

    So with all our inspiration, here is the video that THEY banned from youtube again….. meet Sundance…….



  3. Dude get off your butthurt conspiracy theory bullshit, there’s a little something in Hollywood called a goddamn release form.
    Also that little diatribe you posted was in the wrong fucking place, this is for relevant posts, not your grammatically deprived rants.


  4. Kevin Smith is a great Canadian director, and thats the point. Canadian director who provides a product at a price thats lower than the competition but a return of revenue possibly higher than the competition. We need more guys like him coming up with original ideas because quite frankly Hollywood is no longer the dream/idea factory it once was but is considered now a “remake” factory. Nice bit and keep writing!

    check me out at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4388327/


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