James T. Kirk: Ladies man and subject of Khan’s Wrath.

It happened on NBC, September 8th, 1966. The world was introduced Captain James T. Kirk and his starship “Enterprise”. His mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before…into the bed of a bunch of alien broads.

The show ran for only 3 seasons, but has now been aired in syndication for over 40 years. NBC didn’t have the technology in the 1960’s to see the effect the show had for its sponsors, they only saw in a limited scope its potential. It took a massive letter-writing campaign by the fans during season 2 just to get a 3rd season. That 3rd season NBC took STAR TREK out of prime time and put them in the dreaded Friday night slot. Now 40 years later, the show they wanted to cancel in the middle of its 2nd season, is still relevant.

A lot of people now will criticize the cheesy costumes, and low-budget feel of the show…

But the truth is it was way ahead of its time. Skimpy outfits, very advanced technology ideas, and the most diverse cast on TV in that era. Think about it. The censors called the female wardrobes obscene, the communicators are basically Nextel phones, and this crew was breaking stereotypes left and right.  They had an Asian guy driving, a black chick in charge of communications, and a Russian navigating. This is in the 60’s, during The Cold War, a Russian.

A lot of other people will tell you that’s why the show is remembered. That’s what inspired so many other shows and movies, because of the deep cast. Characters like Sulu and Checkov, not to mention the oft-quoted Scotty. Uhara was a major role model for young black women, being in a position of power on the bridge. Along with Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy, the Enterprise was chalk full of memorable characters, and almost none more beloved than Mr. Spock.


There is one man more integral to success of the franchise than Spock though, James T Kirk. You can argue that it was the dynamic between Kirk and Spock that made the show work, or even that Spock was the driving force. Hell, when I was a kid I thought Spock was the coolest. He was an alien. That’s sweet. But re-watching them now, it was never this clear as a kid, Kirk is a badass.

This guy is the Captain of the Flagship vessel of the entire federation, hundreds of cronies at his disposal, yet every time there is a dangerous situation, he’s the first one to jump in. Cause he’s a hard ass. He takes shit from no one, and he bangs every broad he comes into contact with. Picard never did anything cool, but Kirk was the coolest motherf–ker in space.

When STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION came around 20 years later, the show had become a soap opera in space. They were a bunch of clowns. Here is almost every episode:

  • Picard shouts something at Riker who looks as if he is trying to poop in his chair.
  • Everyone talks to Deanna Troi about their feelings.
  • Data and Geordi quip and we laugh at how fragile Geordi is, and how Data has feelings even though he’s a f–king robot.
  • Everyone talks to Whoopi Goldberg about their feelings, while she hears an old Boz Scaggs LP for a hat. It’s like a joke she can’t believe they don’t get.
  • Worf acts hard, get his ass beat. (seen below…hilariously)

Kirk never would’ve put up with all this feelings talk, he would’ve just told everyone to shut up, and then had a 3-way with Deanna Troi and the red-headed Doctor lady.

James Tiberius Kirk, ladies man.

2 thoughts on “James T. Kirk: Ladies man and subject of Khan’s Wrath.”

  1. I think what I like most about some of your posts is that I don’t know much about the subject. So when I read the article I get to see it through your eyes and I get a radical perspective. Something I’d like to call Kron-vision.


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