Everything Is A Remix: Tarantino, Bruce Lee, and a whole lot of fake blood…

New York filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has begun a project that he entitles Everything is a Remix. He examines popular culture and it’s influences, and does so in a pretty interesting way. He has created a series of videos where he points out examples.

The first chapter focuses mostly on music, Led Zeppelin specifically. The second video looks more towards the film industry, particularly Star Wars and Kill Bill. He then produced a third video, separate from the series, that focuses just on Kill Bill, this is the video that first caught my attention. Over the years people have accused Quentin Tarantino of stealing from other movies, but as is described here, he is more accurately remixing ideas.

It’s pretty interesting, as a fan of Kill Bill, to see so many of Tarantino’s visual influences in one place like that. Gives me a whole list of things I need to see now.

I’ve also included the first 2 videos in his series. Part 1 is the musical aspect and largely focuses on legendary rock group Led Zeppelin, where there music came from, and who’s used it since. Part 2 is the movie part and Star Wars is the major focus here. Lucas, much like Tarantino, draws from lots of older films and manages to give us something rather impressive in the process.

If you’re interested in seeing the last two videos or any of Fergusons’ other projects, head over to his Everything Is A Remix site.

Images: Everything is a Remix, Blue Underground, Miramax Films

3 thoughts on “Everything Is A Remix: Tarantino, Bruce Lee, and a whole lot of fake blood…”

  1. If you are gonna steal, at least do it in good taste. I always felt that QTs reverence for his influences brought the emulation into high art.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. It takes vision to concieve and execute any project that large, it’s unfair to call him a hack on that basis alone.


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