Gratuitous Batman Updates: Arkham City, Dark Knight Rises, & the Comics…

We got all sorts of stuff here. Let’s start with the game. The other day I did a write up on the upcoming Arkham City game. In said article I mentioned how the Riddler’s clues were now gonna be more…involved. Well it seems like the man himself will be more involved as well. Unlike the first game it seem like Riddler will actually appear in this one, not just his voice.

Rocksteady Marketing Game Manager Dax Ginn: The Riddler experience is not part of the main story, but you can see how much work we put into it. It seems to do them a disservice to call them ‘side missions,’ because we take them really, really seriously.

This news comes from Gamma Squad via Destructoid

Also, it appears Arkham City will be getting some pre-order bonuses from various retailers, but at the moment those bonuses are just being hinted at online. We do know that people who put their money down on this game at GameStop will get an exclusive “Joker’s Carnival” challenge map when the full game is released.

It also seems Best Buy is offering a pre-order bonus, but at the moment the site only says its offering a “combo pack” for Batman Arkham City fans. It looks like both and Wal Mart will also have pre-order bonuses but those have yet to be revealed.

Batman & Robin #21: We see the introduction of ‘The White Knight’, Gotham’s newest serial killer seems to be targeting the families of Batman’s adversaries. And he’s starting with Victor Zsasz, Man-Bat, and the Mad Hatter.

Batman Incorporated #3: Just as Batman & Robin has continued to impress, Batman Incorporated has continued to disappoint me. Batman Inc. is a nice enough idea in theory, and I suppose they need to give Bruce Wayne something to do since Dick and Damien are handling Gotham, but for me, Gotham City is where Bats belongs. This series just hasn’t grabbed me yet.

Batman #705-707:  Issues 705 & 706 wrap up the storyline with the Sensei, but more interesting is the end of 706 where they include a prologue for the upcoming War of the Green Lanterns which kicks off this week. 707 starts a new story arc where Azreal‘s follower ‘The Crusader’ wrecks havoc in Gotham before Batman (Dick Grayson), Red Robin, and Catwoman show up. This could prove to be a stronger arc as this new Azreal is still somewhat of a mystery.

Detective Comics #870-874: Issue 870 closes out the Impostor Wars story arc. Descent enough storyline, revolving around one of Joker’s victims from years earlier, driven completely mad. I wasn’t a huge fan of Scott McDaniel‘s art though. In 871-873 we get 2 story arcs. Most of each issue is devoted to The Black Mirror arc, in which Dick Grayson is investigating an underground black market that deals in the sale of villain paraphernalia. Man-Bat serum, Mad Hatter Mind Control, Scare Toxin, and so on. Dick is gassed, but still manages to shut down The Dealer. The 2nd story, one that runs in the back of issues 871 & 872, and is then picked back up in 874, revolves around Jim Gordon Jr. His sister Barbara, and Police Commissioner father believe him to be a serial killer, and question why he has, after years, returned to Gotham. 874 also deals with the obvious effects the gassing is still having on Dick.

Of the 10 issues mentioned, my favorite cover art was in Detective #871…

So the Internet buzz the last few days revolves around the conformation that Joseph Gordon Levitt has officially joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. And while initial reports from Variety locked him in as Alberto Falcone, but Entertainment Weekly is saying that’s not a lock yet.

So with a clear cut confirmation of role, rumors continue to fly. Thus far though, they all keep Alberto as the front runner, with Roman Sionis – The Black Mask right behind him.

Alberto seems to be the best fit in Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City. His father, Carmine,  played a major part in Batman Begins, and family rival Sal Maroni was prominent in The Dark Knight. So it only seems logical that the trilogy would remain tied to Gotham’s #1 Crime Family. Alberto is interesting because not only is he a Mob Kingpin’s son, but he’s a serial killer as well. The other part of this, that has been eluded to in the comics, is that Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) is the illegitimate daughter of Carmine, making her Alberto’s half sister. That strengthens the case for the Falcone’s appearance as Catwoman has already been confirmed.

On the other hand, Black Mask wouldn’t be out of place in this Gotham. Not after the Joker raised the stakes in the 2nd movie. Joker’s actions severely weakened the mob, and opened the door for a psycho like Black Mask to step in. If he is Black Mask, I would imagine he will have something to do with bringing Bane to Gotham.

Either way, I’d be happy with either one of these choices. And even though I didn’t like them killing off Harvey Dent, I trust Christopher Nolan, and I have no worries of this turning out like the 3rd installment in other comic franchises, namely Batman Forever, X3, and Spider-Man 3.


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