Big Love: Series Finale (Spoilers…like, major ones)

HBO ended the fifth and final season of Big Love on Sunday. The hit show about a family of fundamentalist Mormons in Utah. What drew interest of course, was the polygamy angle of the show. This was a great show with several villains and white knights. Filled with unusual murders throughout the series, and both funny and serious twists and turns these five seasons. I especially enjoyed actors like Harry Dean Stanton who played an excellent role as “The (self) Chosen One” of Juniper Creek. And though the Big Love‘s biggest star was Bill Paxton, in reality, the series was always more about the wives. That didn’t change in the finale.

After last week with Alby being shot and taken into custody, I couldn’t wait to see the final outcome, all my questions were answered in the final show. Alby was going to prison, Barb was finally given the high religious position that she wanted for so long, Margene was leaving for a six month volunteer trip on a medical ship, and Nikki once and for all felt accepted and loved by her sister wives, and knew for sure that this was her family.

It was a great ending for a show with five seasons to its credit, even if I was somewhat disappointed with the violent death of the Henrickson family patriarch. Killed by an out of work, and mentally unstable neighbor. And not for any of the reasons you might expect, like the polygamy or politics, but over re-sodding the lawn. I would have liked to have seen Bill survive, and maybe show what their future life was like a few years down the road. I hated watching the man who had such strong convictions about polygamy, and about his religion not live to see things through to the end. But like I said, this show was about the women. The women who we saw stand together, widowed, but still a family.

Although I was skeptical at the start, I thoroughly enjoyed the first show and was a faithful follower through the entire course of it’s run. Personally I could never live that life, or share my spouse with another, but somehow with the Henricksons it wasn’t so bad. With all of the ups and downs, Bill and his sister wives genuinely loved one another. What’s so bad about that?

I’ll miss you Big Love.

– C. Sanchez

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