DC Comic Review: War of The Green Lanterns Begins – Parts 1 & 2

*Please beware of spoilers*

Green Lantern #64-War of the Green Lanterns Pt. 1

It’s here! The newest Green Lantern event! I’m hoping this one is at least almost as good as Blackest Night, and on par with the Sinestro Corps War. And let me tell ya, the first part did not disappoint. Not one bit! In the prologue for War of the Green Lanterns we learn that Krona, a member of the Guardians’ species, and antagonist of the story, was once to be inducted onto the council of the Guardians. And he might still be there if not for his insistence that emotion is a necessary part of being a Guardian, and life for that matter. Because of this he draws the ire of the council and is arrested. It was unclear if he escaped, but the ring leader’s of each emotion are shown visions of Krona’s past where he reprogrammed the Manhunters to turn on the Guardians, and annihilate a whole sector. This sector as it turns out was the homeworld of Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lanterns who vows vengeance against Krona and those who stand in his way.

In ‘Part One’ of the War of the GL’s, Krona has control of the Entities, which are the living embodiments of the emotional powers of each corps. Our old friend Parallax is the entity of fear, as Ion is the entity of will power. Hal Jordan and the other leaders of the corps are trying to catch up to Krona and stop whatever it is that he is up to. They are too late however, after an attack by Lyssa Drak, who has joined Krona since being abandoned by Sinestro during the Blackest Night arc. On top of all that, the Guardians have sent other Green Lanterns after Hal Jordan to have him arrested for treason due to his joining forces with the other corps.

Krona brings the entities to Oa, allowing them to each take over the bodies of the gathered guardians except Parallax, who merges with the Green Central Power Battery creating an impurity of fear that affects almost all of the Green Lanterns in space. The Green Lantern Corps is now under Krona’s control with the exception of Hal Jordan… crap. A very exciting start to the story and a great cliffhanger.

Green Lantern Corps #58 – War of the Green Lanterns Part 2

Unfortunately we do not get the chance to see the next move of Hal Jordan, but we do get to see what is going on with the three main characters of this issue; John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and the Guardian Ganthet.

The issue moves very fast (I read it in about six minutes, maybe less), but was damned enjoyable. As other Green Lanterns are instantly taken over by the Parallax Impurity in the Central Power Battery, we see that the same thing does not happen to John, Kyle and Ganthet. This is mainly due to the fact that all three were infected by Parallax once before, Ganthet reasoning that Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and Kilowog are also immune to a sudden take over. Kyle and John began to show a weakness to Parallax’s influence as they momentarily turned on one another before Ganthet intervened. The little blue fella even makes John and Kyle leave to get help from someone while he lets himself be captured by the infected Green Lanterns. Yet another cliffhanger to end Part 2, bring on Part 3!

Coming soon: My review of the six part Reign of Doomsday!

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