FX Renews My Faith: 3rd Season of JUSTIFIED Ordered

Even though Terriers got canceled after only one season, and now Light’s Out has suffered the same fate. Both shows were well done and original – so their fate was sealed early on. But just as it seems like good shows can’t survive in the wasteland of Reality TV, CBS Programming, and MTV – FX delivers us some great news: Raylan Givens will be justified for another 13 episodes. Fresh off the announcement they had won a Peabody, Justified was renewed for a 3rd season.

For those who have seen the show, it is probably no surprise that a 3rd season is impending, but in today’s television landscape, nothing original is ever guaranteed to last.

It’s moments like this where I realize that there are still some good decision makers left in the television world. And as much as I hate Terriers and Light’s Out not getting a chance to have 2nd seasons, I do give credit to FX, not only for trying something new and original, but also airing all of season 1 of both shows. On a network station, with the ratings it had, Terriers surely would not have seen all 13 episodes aired.

So thank you FX, thank you for bringing us more Harlan County Adventures!

Good news is also on the horizon for Archer fans, stay tuned!

One thought on “FX Renews My Faith: 3rd Season of JUSTIFIED Ordered”

  1. FX and Olyphant(wow, from Deadwood, Kudos) and Walter Goggins (fantastic onThe Shield) and Elmore Leonard. Perfection, and great supporting cast and crew. Renewal is a huge win for viewers, a gift, I’ll support their advertisers, and thanks so much. The next GREAT win for viewers, the recognition of how smart and great the writing and performances are on The Good Wife have been from the first show through the latest Marguilles I knew to be a brilliant actress, her investigator on the show, brilliant too, both utterly sexy, smart enough to be even sexier, Barinsky and Charles perfectly cast, and the former male investigator and former associate with L & G, now with D.A.s office, he and Calista, the finds of the last 5 years on network T. V.. Thanks NBC!


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