Marvel Comic Reviews – Age of X: Chapters 3 & 4

The X-Men’s ‘Age of X’ continues in X-men: Legacy #246 and New Mutants #23.

X-Men: Legacy #246

The story continues with Rogue on the run to escape Fortress X. But to where? And hunted by the likes of Moonstar and Eclipse (Sunspot) what chance does she even stand of escaping?

She carries with her the puzzle of why Kitty Pryde had a camera with pictures of nothing on it, saying “he told me to take pictures” and why (Highlight to read spoiler) *Charles Xavier* has memories of everyone at the fortress when he has never met any of them. After Gambit begins to aid Rogue in her escape, Magneto calls off all his followers and takes matters into his own hands by dropping tons of rubble upon them while everyone watches, proclaiming that is what happens to traitors.

The issue ends with Wolverine (who is sympathetic to Rogue) talking to Basilisk/Cyclops about getting to the bottom of things. A menacing looking Basilisk agrees.

*Spoilers follow. BEWARE!*

New Mutants #23

In a shocking turn of events, it turns out that Rogue and Gambit did not die. Magneto kept them alive and it also turns out that he is the one who actually sent Kitty Pryde out on a mission to take the pictures outside of the walls of Fortress X. Rogue tells Magneto how Pryde claims there is nothing outside of the walls and that in Charles Xavier’s mind she saw his memories of so many things that did not occur in their reality. Magneto’s turns at villainy, the Scarlet Witch’s decimation of the mutant populace, the events of Messiah Complex and Second Coming. Magneto reveals to them both in return that there is a room in the center of Fortress X that he does not recognize on the blue prints and asks that they seek it out while he speaks to Xavier. They all agree and go about their missions.

Meanwhile, the computer system named X controlling the Fortress (Who must be Warlock from what I’ve gathered.) is turning Magneto’s followers against him, telling them that Magneto ordered Rogue to set them all against one another. Xavier awakens making no sense and before we can make any sense of it, Moonstone and her team arrives to arrest Magneto, Pryde and Xavier.

Gambit and Rogue reach the room, finding the figure of a man seemingly frozen in place and a small box sitting on the table. Rogue opens it and promptly drops it upon seeing what is inside. At the same time, Magneto convinces Moonstar to hear Xavier out but is cut short as Legion and the other telepaths arrive to detain him. The last part is the most confusing of all as you see what is inside the box: The universe itself. Rogue says “someone stole the universe and hit it right here.” I find the ending to be somewhat ridiculous yet intriguing. That would definitely explain why Pryde found nothing outside the walls of the fortress. And Xavier spoke of a “she” attacking and turning it all inside out. My first assumption would be Scarlet Witch but that doesn’t seem very original. But if not the Scarlet Witch then who?

Overall I am enjoying the Age of X storyline but depending what happens in the next issue with the whole universe in a box thing, I may start to hate it. It better not be a female Onslaught or something….

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