Snooki: College Speaker and “Role Model”

It never fails. Seems like every year we get to see a new group of people make complete asses of themselves, act like total scumbags, and then cash in on it. It seems to be a running message of –“Hey! Be a complete douche and you’ll become famous for it!” and its latest advocate is none other than Jersey Shore‘s Nicole Polizzi. This classless hoggette has been making the rounds for almost a couple of years now, showing you that a trashy idiot can get paid for being just that.

“We can only hope that all of your youth follow the Snookster’s shining example.”

Her latest spotlight showings have been at Wrestlemania two nights ago, which was good because I needed to use my time more wisely while she was on by going to the bathroom and eating a granola bar (Not at the same time). Now she has a new target and one that she is getting paid 32,000 dollars to speak at – Rutgers University.

Maybe she can inform college kids how to take a punch in the face – Boom.

No it’s not as a commencement speaker for graduation, thank God, because I really would have lost complete faith in society at that point. Instead she is speaking to a portion of the student body about… wait for it… “When you tan you feel better about yourself.” I know this is a generalization and she must have talked about a couple other things, but what a joke that Snooki from Jersey Shore being paid more than a Pulitzer and Nobel prize winner for a non-commencement speech. And it makes it even worse that it was a prestigious school like Rutgers. The aforementioned Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner is Toni Morrison. Oh and one of the other things she talked about besides tanning to make her feel better about herself can be summed up by this quote. “Study hard, but party harder.” Yes students, do that and you can be almost as awesome as Snooki. Check out the story at MediaITE.

Even though I can’t stand the sight of Snooki, I really can’t blame her for taking the money to speak at Rutgers. I would have done the same as I’m sure 99 percent of people in the same situation would have. I liken the situation to that of Charlie Sheen, where if there are fools who will pay you for your uselessness then you better take advantage of it before it dies down completely.

“Will someone please escort this little Hobbit back to Middle Earth?”

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