Marvel Comics Review: Age of X – Chapter 5 Review

Age of X Chapter 5 Review : X-men Legacy #247

X-men Legacy #247

Thankfully after the last chapter of Age of X, the story didn’t nosedive as I predicted it could. It finally revealed in this issue just what in the hell is going on in this strange world and also who is more than likely behind it. I still can’t figure out if everyone in the Age of X world is their counterpart in the real world or if they are entirely new characters, but either way the whole thing will get wrapped up in the next issue of New Mutants. For those of you wanting to spoiled, highlight everything after the word spoiler in the next paragraph.

*spoiler*(highlight to read) It turns out that this whole ordeal is happening inside the head of Professor Xavier’s mentally broken son Legion, due to the tampering of Doctor Nemesis. The tampering of Nemesis appears to be in order to help Legion repair his mind and not be such a damned psycho all of the time. This however didn’t work and a new intelligence was created in Legions mind that attempts to make a world where Legion is a hero and is loved by all his allies. This entity in David’s mind takes the form of Moira McTaggert, though I’m wondering if somehow it was created by Moira herself somehow. I suppose we’ll find out in the next chapter.

Overall Age of X has been a very decent read. The art has been exceptional and the story has been the best we’ve seen out of an X-story in a very long time. I’d advise any X-men fan who hasn’t read the back-issues of it yet should definitely get on that. If not I would wait for a trade paperback to be released.

I give this issue a four out of five grizzlies, mainly due to the fact that they didn’t butcher the story with something super ridiculous like they could have. Lord knows it could have been Mojo creating a new TV show in the Mojoverse or some bullcrap.

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