The “Youraagh” Scream – Little Brother to The Wilhelm

After watching a terrible showing of Final Destination 3, a friend of ours called up asking where a certain movie scream originated from. It was a bit distorted through the phone’s speaker, but I could clearly hear that it was a generic movie scream that I and my colleague Dr. Kronner had heard in countless movies over the years. More specifically for me in the first StarCraft game. If you’re thinking of the Wilhelm Scream, the “Youraagh” is very different and a bit more hilarious to me. The Wilhelm sounds like this:

While the Youraagh sounds like this:

Now I’ll let you be the judge of which scream is the funniest but I have to tell you to watch this awesome compilation that I found. I think it will ultimately sway your opinion towards the Youraagh:

As you can see this scream is in classy movies like Serial Mom, Last Action Hero and Broken Arrow. Hell, there was even a Chuck Norris movie that used it. You don’t get much more credible than that.

After searching endlessly for the origins of this classic movie scream, (I really only did a Google and Yahoo search for ten minutes) I couldn’t find anything on it but more and more questions. One can only hope that one day the Youraagh scream will gain as much prominence as the Wilhelm. In closing, I leave you with Youraagh modified TIE Fighter engines in Star Wars: A New Hope.

3 thoughts on “The “Youraagh” Scream – Little Brother to The Wilhelm”

  1. I also was unable to find an origin, but the first time I ever heard it was in THE PRINCESS BRIDE, when the Dread Pirate Roberts is in the torture machine… Definitely used in a more comedic way then the Wilhelm scream I find…


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