DC Comic Review: War of The Green Lanterns – Parts Four & Five

The War of the Green Lanterns continues this week with two parts being released today! I’m loving this! (is that McDonald’s catch phrase?)

Green Lantern #65 – Part Four

This issue seemed like an incredibly fast read. It seems a little rushed to move the story along, but it gets the characters where they need to be and by the end of the issue I was super excited for Part Five. If the cover is of any indication for what’s next….


If that picture wasn’t spoiler enough then by all means read on…


Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Ganthet are stuck on Oa with a horde of brainwashed Green Lanterns, and Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan are stranded on a safe house planet known as “The Green House”. And the big kicker? None of them can use their power rings for fear of falling to Parallax’s influence. So now what?

Luckily Jordan and Gardner finally stumble upon the actual safe house before freezing to death and they take the spaceship known as the “Interceptor” to Oa to find John, Kyle and anyone else not under Parallax and Krona’s control. It was kind of fun for a moment to see Hal Jordan just flying again without his ring and seeing how much joy it gave him. The Lanterns depend so much on their rings, it’s rare to see what they would do without them.

When they arrive it is apparent that Kilowog is lost to them as he attacks their ship with the other rogue Lanterns. Guy and Hal bail out and rendezvous with John and Kyle. As the four of them weigh their options, Jordan is the one to come up with a solution: Since they can’t wear their green power rings they will have to wear the rings of the other Corps leaders who were sucked up into Krona’s black book at the beginning of the War. Their choices in rings are interesting and very cool looking. Check out the cover to Part Five of War of the Green Lanterns.

*Spoilers end*

I give this issue a 4 out of 5 grizzlies. I enjoyed the art of the issue and even though the pacing was a bit fast it helped get things set up for some good action in the next part of the story arc. And there were some pretty classic Guy Gardner quotes:

“What do you suggest we do then, flyboy? I don’t see any Tauntauns.” – Guy to Hal Jordan while on the snow covered planet called “The Green House”.

“You know what they say about assuming, don’tcha? It makes an ass outta you and me.” – Guy to Hal Jordan about assuming that John and Kyle aren’t under the Parallax influence.

“All right. If we’re choosin’ – I’m goin’ first. I don’t wanna get stuck wearin’ a crystal thong. Pink ain’t my color.” – Guy before choosing his color of power ring.

Not good...

Green Lantern Corps #59 – Part Five

As you’ll see from the cover, and from reading the last review, the remaining Green Lanterns free of Krona’s touch are faced with the choice of which power ring to wield since their own leave them open to infection from the yellow impurity.


Guy Gardner having wielded one before chooses the Red ring of rage. Kyle chooses to wield the Blue ring of hope. John Stewart surprisingly chooses the Orange ring of avarice first, but is dissuaded by Hal Jordan and instead dons the Indigo ring of compassion. Hal Jordan’s choice was the most surprising of all as he puts on Sinestro’s power ring, stating that he’s resisted it before. All I can say is they better get rid of the impurity quickly before Jordan and Gardner fall to their rings.

John Stewart really pulled off the indigo look

In this issue there is a whole shit ton of action going down. Actually it is all action. And Ganthet is seriously one bad ass little dude, wielding the green light as only a guardian can and fighting off hundreds of the rogue lanterns. This guy is easily becoming one of my favorite characters.

It’s also fun to see how the different rings interact with one another and it takes the four Earthmen Lanterns a little bit to get the hang of their new rings. By the time they finally do there is a bit of a shift in the fight. Actually a really huge shift… called Mogo who is now under Krona’s control. Things just keep getting worse and worse for our heroes. We’ll see what happens in Part Six in Emerald Warriors #9!

*Spoilers end*

I give the issue a 4.5 out of 5 grizzlies because it was all action, which was desperately needed. But the only problem was that there was almost too much fighting and no story development, which I’m sure will occur with the next issue.

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4 thoughts on “DC Comic Review: War of The Green Lanterns – Parts Four & Five”

  1. This storyline sounds awesome, but I just can’t afford to follow it! For once there are to many great books out there and my budget is maxed as it is.


    1. Hook, I will mail you all of my issues after the run is over since I’ll be getting the trade when it comes out anyways! lol


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