Marvel Comic Review: Age of X Chapter 6

Chapter Six – New Mutants #24

Age of X has been a thoroughly enjoyable read. I’ve not picked up many X-Titles in quite awhile because nothing has really interested me since Messiah War or Second Coming. This arc, though not as in-depth as either of those arcs I mentioned above, was definitely a well crafted story that I don’t think anyone was able to piece together too quickly. I picked my brain apart and still couldn’t figure out what was happening until it was revealed to be Legion behind the whole Age of X universe and that none of it was real. It was something that he created, or at least one of the many personas he was creating and discarding during Dr. Nemesis’ work on his psyche.

At the end of last issue, Legion’s latest persona that took the form of Moira McTaggert decides that it’s time to create a new reality and tear the current one down. That means tons of Exonim Mutant killers attacking Fortress X at once! The battle is fierce as everyone including Wolverine takes to the fighting, while Shadowcat, Xavier and Magneto attempt to stop evil Moira from destroying everything. This is where Legion finally steps in to end the persona that has caused all of this. A few panels later we see everyone back on Utopia, as if just waking up from a dream. Their memories are still intact from the Age of X universe, but as Xavier explains they will slowly fade and him and Emma will be there to help them remember things they are having trouble with. What a whole new set of problems this might cause. In a pretty funny moment Cyclops plants a kiss on Joanna Cargill (Frenzy) right in front of Emma because of the lingering memories. As Emma walks off with Scott, Cargill looks pretty pissed off. What if some of these memories won’t go away for some of the mutants?

Basilisk = Awesome

A couple people including Cyclops inform Xavier that they need to try and make sense of the whole thing and decide what should happen next in regards to Legion. Xavier agrees but simply says that the one person they need to talk to is missing. So I guess that begs the question, where is Legion?

I give the final chapter of Age of X 4 grizzlies out of five. It was definitely not as good as last issue when all the major revelations occurred and the fighting seemed not too important at the moment it happened because everything was a lie in the Age of X world. Though it was a decent enough ending, we are still left with a lot of questions that need to be answered in future issues. Check of my other Age of X reviews down below!

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