DC Comic Review: War of the Green Lanterns – Part Six

Part six: Emerald Warriors #9

The War of the Green Lanterns has been wonderful, to say the least. It’s been very hard on our heroes who have been on the run since the beginning. And to make it worse it’s from their own fellow corpsmen! After leaving Hal, Guy, Kyle and John last issue they were in the middle of a brawl with the rogue green lanterns and Mogo showed up!

This issue picks up with the Lanterns making a run for it because let’s face it; Mogo is a freakin’ planet! They find a reprieve underground as they plan their next move.

John Stewart thinks that they need to free Mogo from Krona’s grip somehow because he is too much for them to defeat. Hal, Kyle and Guy however agree that it is best to simply get Parallax out of the central power battery to get their corps members back under control. With John outvoted, they make for the central power battery in an effort to stop Parallax. They dig their way there to avoid a confrontation with Mogo and where they end up is the Foundry. This is where all the Green Lantern Rings are made and where the Guardians built the Manhunters and many other pieces of technology. Guy even picks up a souvenir while they are there.

After seeing that Mogo is still dispensing tainted rings out to new recruits, Kyle sides with John in thinking it necessary to free Mogo first before dealing with Parallax. They go off on their own while Hal and Guy rush off to face Parallax, and wouldn’t you know it? Things get worse! I’ll let you find out what happens on the final page, but the story will continue in Green Lantern #66: Part Seven of the War of the Green Lanterns!

I give Part Six 5 out of 5 grizzlies. The story had plenty of action, great art and some interesting extras in between with the visit to the Foundry. This story arc is probably the best one out there right now!

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