Marvel Comic Review: Secret Avengers #12.1

I really like that Marvel is doing the ‘point one’ issues for certain comics. These are one shot comics with self contained stories that any reader vaguely familiar with the title can read and enjoy.

I recall when there were promo pictures for the Secret Avengers and I wasn’t too impressed with the team itself. War Machine: Iron Man light. Valkyrie: Female Thor. Moon Knight: He’s still around? But my judgment of the team certainly has cost me as I read through issue # 12.1, because the Secret Avengers team is pretty bad ass. War Machine and Ant man play off one another well, and Ant Man is damned hilarious. Valkyrie chops up AIM henchmen like they’re sushi with her big ass sword. And Moon Knight just looks like a bad ass and proves it by taking down some of said AIM soldiers. Then we have Steve Rogers, Black Widow, Beast and Sharon Carter to round out the team nicely because those are characters I’m already comfortable with and love.

The premise of the series is similar to that of The Uncanny X-Force. Steve Rogers has assembled a covert team to take on the big level threats that SHIELD needs neutralized. Simple yet elegant!

The issue itself revolves around a terrorist dressed as US Agent (good choice) getting a list of informants and defectors that help the Secret Avengers around the globe. Beast points out that it would be impossible to save all of the informants in their time frame but Rogers let’s them know they will only be concentrating on one. The story was action packed and a little grim (not a bad thing) and has definitely got me interested in the Secret Avengers title. If you like “team” books, then this one is a fit for you. Also Mr. Negative shows up in this issue looking very cool.

Mister Negative: The coolest looking illegal Chinese immigrant you'll ever see

I give Secret Avengers #12.1 five out of five grizzlies. There wasn’t a thing I didn’t like about the issue. Great art as always by Scot Eaton, Great action, a good story and a stellar cast of characters made it what every comic should be.

One thought on “Marvel Comic Review: Secret Avengers #12.1”

  1. The only problem with this issue was the timing- the same week as Secret Avengers #12? How much money does Marvel/Disney want to suck out of their fans?


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