Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 2 – ‘Funnybot’

Oh man this episode had hilarity written all over it, and after the weak premiere episode it was sure to be good…right? Jimmy as the host of the ‘Special Ed Department’s Comedy Awards Show’, where Timmy is the singer in the band.

Oh Lerrrrrd

However, besides Timmy singing, the only other funny part here was when Tyler Perry showed up to accept his award, when no other celebrity was present at the show.

Does anyone like this guy?

With the last category of the awards show, Jimmy manages to offend one group of people. The most unfunny people in the world werrrrrrre: the Germans.

Watch for the Knock Knock joke, it’s a good one!

This insult causes the Germans to retaliate against the kids of South Park by invading the school with guns in hand and a secret weapon. Tyler Perry is totally right in asking – “Oh Lerrrrd, what’re we gonna derrrrrr?”

The Germans answer by unloading a robot that creates and tells jokes. Funnybot is suddenly a media darling until things get out of hand and decides to eradicate human life.

Honestly I can only give this episode a 2 out of 5 grizzlies because for the majority of the show it wasn’t very funny, and here I thought it was going to be beyond funny.

There were some decently funny parts throughout but nothing that I would put on par with past episodes. The running ‘Tyler Perry’ joke was the best part, because honestly – What is so funny about him? He sucks.

Also the Germans were pretty damned hilarious, because there’s nothing like Germans screaming out in their own language for no apparent reason. I really hope this season picks up soon.

Season 15 Premiere – Human CENTiPad (FIXED)

17 thoughts on “Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 2 – ‘Funnybot’”

  1. Erm, you have it all wrong. This episode was probably the worst episode of south park theres ever been, and that means worse than series 2 southpark. The jokes were all stale (intentionally, but thats not fun) and the whole episode revolving around the robot was lame as fuck. It seems Matt and Trey, as they’ve already said, have really lost interest in South Park.


      1. I totally agree with you.
        This episode was very disappointing. I was expecting something on that clown Donal Trump. Even Ghadafi would have been funnier!
        What happened to Stone and Parker? Maybe they are too busy with their Broadway musical. If they are reading this review, I truly hope they will boost up season 15, because it’s the final season of one of the world most popular satire TV cartoons.
        As a huge South Park fan, I would much rather watch a purposely delayed South Park episode that has been effectively elaborated in order to make us laugh some more.


    1. I’ve seen worse episodes (in my opinion) but yeah, this one was pretty bad. If it had made me laugh less than I already had I would have reviewed it at a lower score.




  3. Background: I have seen every episode at least once. I just started listening to matt and treys commentaries on youtube account ScottTenormanMustDie.. I love south park

    Everyone is so quick to say the episode sucked. Can we have some constructive criticism — because each and every one of you – including myself- love to talk about southpark!

    As we all there are different types of south park episodes. I am not going to even attempt to describe them all– nor could i fully. You have episodes where:
    -they realistically follow historical event : civil war cartman episode with schmore schnapps, or the story of mormon
    -some of the best episodes simply tell a great story and build it up to an outrageuously hilarious ending, namely scott tenorman must die, shakeweight– randy at the end of the episode “ohhhh sharon.. howd you get so good at that!”,
    -theres epidodes like the wwf backyard south park wrestling episode, or lil crime stoppers, or warcraft where you know the boys are going to start something and have it go to an outrageous level

    Over the years there has been an evolution in the pure AMOUNT of story that matt and trey have been able to 22 minutes. If you watch the episode over again– notice how it goes from about 0-60– the episode takes you on a very rapidly evolving storyline with a constant influx of dynamic character entries- as best i can put. the epidsode it stupid ridiculous.. you have to love it on some level folks — matt and trey will not let south park be all fizzle at the end of season 15.. the south park group isnt stupid- they know when shit isnt grade a++– it has never slowed them down in the past, their confidence in making a funny episode should not even be a QUESTION like a few have you have incurred with your doutbful comments.. suk a d to all of those people..

    Feel free to post shorter responses- i dont know know why i just typed all this. but since i did, with a degree of critical evaluation attention, what did you guys think about specific parts of the episode?


  4. All of season 15 sucks so far. Why not make fun of Charly Sheen or donald trump. Honestly, they have run out of ideas and try to shock people with extreme and violent political humor. Nothing wrong with that it is just there is something seriously missing in the first 3 episodes of south park. Deffinitly the worst season


    1. Totally agree.. season 15 is the worst yet! No humore, no structure… just cheap jokes. I swear that someone other than Matt and Trey is running the show.
      It appears that they are really trying.. but are failing.


    1. Season 15sucks I love southpark but the centipad was ripping on a movie like 10% of people have actually watched, one episode just ripped on butters and made fun of Asians talking which is worn out, an episode funnybot had two jokes..Germans arent funny engineering war, and only black people like Tyler perry…the crack baby thing would have been funny had they focused more on making fun of crack babies and less on college exploiting athletes and this last one where Randy gets a divorce, cartman and Kyle become friends, and Stan is a cynic…I hope this is the last season… I love the show but please Matt Trey go out in style dudes, not like this.


  5. Three words:


    I don’t even see how a living member of Homo sapiens sapiens could ever make this big of a piece of shit.


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