Akira: Keanu to be Kaneda?

In a huge vomit inducing report, Keanu Reeves is in talks with the studio bringing us Akira to play one of the main characters. I wasn’t crazy about the front runners to play Kaneda and Tetsuo before, but Keanu Reeves? And now it takes place in Neo Manhattan instead of Neo Tokyo? Jeez, why not just call his character Kevin and call the movie a U.S. equivalent of Akira? Adam perhaps, or Alex. Why does it need to have anything to do with Akira when it’s the complete opposite of everything but the plot. And I’m willing to bet that the plot will be warped somehow too.

Oh look! It's.... Keanu Reeves...Damn it.

It’s almost as if these idiots are considering him for the role just because his name is similar to Kaneda. Being a big fan of the comics and Akira animated movie, I just don’t see a pushing 50 actor playing a character who is supposed to be an orphaned teenager running a street bike gang. Now I’m wondering who they are currently talking to for the role of Tetsuo? Maybe Keanu’s Bill and Ted counterpart Alex Winter? Actually they could probably do an Akira-Bill and Ted hybrid that won’t suck total ass.

Now nothing is set in stone yet, he is just in talks for the role. At this point they have changed so much I won’t even look at the movie as Akira when it finally comes out. What happened in the future for this movie? Did Japan take over the world or everyone adopt Japanese customs to be super cool? Blah! Sound off below fans of the franchise and let your distaste or excitement for this movie be known.

One thought on “Akira: Keanu to be Kaneda?”

  1. i love it, I LOOOOVVVVEEE THIS NEWS. mainly because i cant stand anything japanese, so when hollywood ruined astroboy i about fucking jizzed my pants.


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