Fox Hands Out Pink Slips; Slater Cries on Bed of Roses

According to E!Online and several other media outlets, the end of the line is here for cult fave The Chicago Code. Fox has announced that the cop shop will not return in the fall along with dramas Lie to Me, Human Target and comedies Breaking In and Traffic Light.

None of the shows being canceled are surprising considering the ratings were never there to begin with. If we had to be surprised on a show, it might have been The Chicago Code, because it was a universally liked show and as a midseason replacement, Fox might give it another shot but alas, it was not meant to be. Personally, I never got into Lie to Me or Human Target.

With Breaking In, it looks to see Christian Slater continues in his failed conversion to television. Maybe that will open the door to Kuffs 2. Maybe a Hollow Man 3. I did like Traffic Light though but not necessarily enough to complain about it being canceled. Although it wouldn’t be as awesome as The Wizard 2.

As for the replacements for the fall lineup, Fox has announced a few including a Bones spinoff called The Finder, which was based off an episode that aired earlier this season. It stars Geoff Stults, the dude with the sailor vows in Wedding Crashers. He’s also from Detroit, so Kronner will probably watch it now because of loyalty to the D ,and his odd affection for Bones. [<— Ed. LIES!]

The next J.J. Abrams drama –  Alcatraz will also be on the fall slate, with comedies I Hate My Teenage Daughter starring Jaime Pressly

Jamie in her prime…

and The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel.

Here is Zooey pictured with her sister Bones.

That’s a lot of hipster going on the Fox fall slate. Personally, I’d like a television adaptation of Broken Arrow. We need to get Christian Slater some work! He can reunite with newly unemployed Chicago Code star Delroy Lindo!

Okay I’ll stop.

Hard Rain 2? Randy Quaid needs money for bail…

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