The Urban 30 Weekly Update! Season 5, Weeks 1-8

Welcome to the first edition of the Urban 30 Weekly Update here at Grizzly Bomb, and it’s something I’m definitely excited to bring you. For those of you that don’t know, The Urban 30 is a superhero blog that tells the story of a team of superheroes based in DC (the city, not the comics), with each character brought to you by a different writer with their own style and strengths.

The everyday lives, loves, friends and enemies of these heroes are covered every day of the week. The sky is the limit when it comes to the type of stories featuring the different members of the team. Back at Action News I started the weekly (sometimes monthly) update and I really enjoyed summing up the week for everybody, so I’m going to keep doing it here. If for no other reason than I love to shamelessly self promote anything I am involved with.

So this week we will be playing a bit of catch up, and I know it’s a lot to take in but it will be worth it once I get us back to the weekly schedule. Here’s what you need to know:

The Urban 30:

Sonus/ Leroy Brown (written by Lorenzo Johnston): Super strength and flight coupled with a sense of humor…he’s the joker of the group who loves his job.

Hitman/ Xander Allen (written by Christopher Brown): For lack of a better way of putting it, the Batman-type character of the group, he’s the action junkie who gets it done no matter what.

Elemental/ Terra Stone (written by Toni Jackson): The resident alien controlling nature, she’ll do anything to protect her family – both biological and adopted.

Gehenna/ Sarina Mondesi (written by T-Gyrl): The immortal who searches for her place to fit in, she’s found a home protecting the city…but at what cost?

Engels/ Alex Gabriel (written by Ben Fentem): The British import, blessed or cursed with telepathic powers that have not yet been measured, who’s joined the U30 to stop a much greater threat.

Drifter/ Kyle Traveler (written by Scott Fraser AKA SupaScoot): The extra-dimensional import with heat based powers, a superhero from another parallel dimension seeking truth and meaning in our world.

There are a lot more characters (it is called the Urban 30 after all) but these are the ones being written daily. So to bring you up to speed:

Last season the Urban 30 was decimated when Mayor Solomon Winters AKA Aiho, the leader of an alien invasion, succeeded in mind wiping the city and most of the Urban 30. Hitman & Engels escaped with their minds intact (more or less) and set about not only gathering the forgotten members of their team, but also taking on Aiho and ending the alien invasion.

It was a hard season, full of new arrivals (Drifter), new challenges (The Resistance) and old friends turned foes (Rayne, Talion). In the end the team regrouped and was able to take Aiho down, freeing the city. But not everything ended well, and there were losses…

This brings us to the start of Season 5, and the start of this update! If you want to read more about Season 4 you can click here and check out some of the updates I did back at Action News, but let’s move on. Like I said, it’s a lot here to start you off with but I want to get rolling next week with new weekly updates. Characters are listed in order of posting:


  • Half Healed Wounds
  • Now This Is More Like It…
  • Blame Canada, Prologue
  • Blame Canada, Part 1
  • Blame Canada, Part 2
  • Blame Canada, Part 3
  • Heatstroke
  • The Haunting of Zoey Parker


  • Follow the Leader…
  • The New Nine?
  • A Game of Dodge Ball


  • Room Mates and Restarts
  • Baldilocks vs Captain Morgan, pt 1
  • Baldilocks vs Captain Morgan, pt 2
  • The Negotiator
  • Feedback, pt 1
  • Day Dreams, pt 1


  • An Island of One
  • Control.Alt.Delete
  • Dial “B” for Betrayal…


  • A Walk In The Park
  • A Shoulder to Lean on…
  • The Last Straw…
  • Time To Clean House
  • Midnight Visit
  • Breaking Free
  • Where do I go from here?


  • Recovery
  • Have A Coke & A Smile
  • Insight and Reasons
  • Making It Rayne…
  • Lions and Tigers and Honey Badgers… Oh My?
  • Prison Break
  • Grave Thoughts
  • Testing… 1, 2, 3…

Boom! That’s a lot of awesomeness right there. Don’t believe me? Go check out daily and start following the best superhero blog your not reading! And next week be back here for the first actual Weekly Update featuring some bonus character designs and if you’re really lucky an interview with the co-founder of The Urban 30!

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