Camelot Review: Episode 6 – “Three Journeys”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need something big to actually happen on Camelot. It seems like we’ve had too much set up and not enough pay off. I for one don’t really care about a story of Merlin, Leontes, Gawain and Kay on a mission to retrieve Kay’s father’s books from their old home. But that is what we were treated to and it sucked epically. I don’t mind the character development one bit and I really enjoyed the scene where Leontes and Merlin had a civil debate about their different ideologies. But the whole episode just felt like filler.

The journey of Arthur and Guinevere to go see her dying father didn’t really have much of an emotional impact on me and the whole story on their part just felt like a reminder saying- “Hey! Look! They still have feelings towards one another!” I found myself more annoyed than anything when they kissed again upon their arrival back to Camelot. I almost hope that Leontes just kills Arthur at this point for his douchebaggery, but that won’t happen. However there was a good scene where thieves try to rob the pair as they sleep, but Arthur wakes and totally owns two of them. It is promising to see Arthur becoming a more formidable fighter though, instead of that little pansy were blessed with for the first couple episodes.

As for Morgan’s “journey”, I feel like it is getting bogged down by Sybil the psycho nun. I didn’t mind her so much when she first showed up because I thought there was something more behind who she was but now I’m a bit worn out on her. A real shocking turn of events would have been Morgan executing her at her trial but instead she chose to hold her arm in the burning fire. It’s times like this that I still wish James Purefoy hadn’t exited the show so quickly, because in addition to him playing a great villain in King Lot, him and Eva Green played off one another well. We also would have had a direct villain for Arthur to square off against not only mentally as he soon will with Morgan, but physically as well. Ahhhhhh, the road not traveled…

Overall I am giving the episode 2 out of 5 grizzlies. There was nothing extremely relevant that happened besides Arthur putting up his banners and ordering his men to get rid of the vegetation that has claimed Camelot. Funny how he waited until now to clean up all the overgrowth.

Hopefully in Friday’s episode something more entertaining happens. Because crappy love scenes, quests for books and burning the hands of nuns just ain’t doin’ it for me.

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One thought on “Camelot Review: Episode 6 – “Three Journeys””

  1. i tried to watch the first episode, and i was like. total fucking trash. haven’t watched it since, apparently i aint missing a god damn thing.


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