Wonder Woman Costume Revealed Again? – Adrianne Palicki

In extremely ground breaking news, according to a new picture recently released online, it looks as if Adrienne Palicki was in fact going to wear the Wonder Woman costume with the accompanying and awesome star spangled underoos. And let me tell ya, these did not look like the Linda Carter star spangled diaper-granny panties from way back when, Palicki was looking excellent in them. BEHOLD:

At first it was something that I thought may have killed the show with her not wearing the underwear but it appears she was going to anyways if the pilot would have aired! I demand that some network out there please man up and give this show a chance! The odds are that it truly did suck, but I prefer that we as fans all get to decide that on our own. So come on Netflix or someone just air the pilot and watch the ratings soar.

3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Costume Revealed Again? – Adrianne Palicki”

  1. who’s the fucking cancer patient standing next to her?

    he looks so fucking sad, completely kills the vibe of standing next to such a hotass woman.


  2. i can’t look at this photo anymore, i mean, look at the smile she has.

    he’s the perfect height for a boob stare and he’s like.

    yeah…. i just don’t care about anything anymore.

    she’s all into it, smiling, puttin’ on a show. this guy is the ultimate douchebag.


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