Scum Of The Week – Estella Warren

I know that celebrities usually have a slight run in with the law every now and then. Most times it involves drinking and driving, but this one involves model and actress (kind of) Estella Warren not only drinking and driving but also crashing into three parked cars…. then she kept driving. But the fun doesn’t end there, Estella keeps bumping her scum level up a few notches.

Not only did she endanger people’s lives by drinking and driving but she kept going after hitting those cars and in some way assaulted one of the officers arresting her for the DUI. Then she somehow managed to get out of her handcuffs and almost escape from the police station after being detained in a holding room! Pretty secure police station you guys have there! If only she would have shown this kind of energy in Planet of the Apes it might not have sucked so bad! Apparently our officers of the law need to be on the lookout for ex-models, because they’re the world’s most dangerous escape artists.

So congrats Ms. Warren, you managed to get arrested for suspicion of DUI, felony battery of a police officer and felony escape attempt charges. What an eventful night. For those three strikes you’re an ideal winner for Scum of the Week!

11 thoughts on “Scum Of The Week – Estella Warren”

    1. Her being scum doesn’t make her any less attractive I suppose. So no you can’t have her, I called it first!


      1. So wait a sec… am I fighting this Ulga for Estella Warren or Lucy? I’m a winner either way in that scenario. And if I’m not fighting Ulga and I’m fighting you Lucy, can we fight with Lightsabers?


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