Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 6 ‘City Sushi’

There is a new restaurant in South Park, and the owner of the ‘City Wok’ isn’t happy about it. Right next door has opened ‘City Sushi’, meaning he isn’t the only Asian game left in town anymore. He learns this when Butter’s stops in the ‘City Wok’ to deliver coupons for the competition. This leads to 2 things:

1. A race war has begun between Chinese and Japanese Restaurant Owners.

South Park
“Why don’t you speak A-English?”

2. Butter’s has been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder because he uses his imagination.

South Park

The Butters story feels like nothing but filler in between the Asian war. Each time Butters interacts with his psychiatrist though, it becomes clear that it is in fact Dr. Janice who has the multiple personalities. The best of this is when Butters, convinced he has multiple personnas, sets up a web cam to tape himself at night. Upon doing this, he learns that it’s not him that’s been wetting the bed, but his Doctor breaking in and pissing on him.

South Park
Paranormal Activity.

The ‘Race War’ however is hilarious…

South Park
This is the point where the owner of the City Wok proposes a treaty, yet neither man can pronounce the R, so it sounds like ‘Tweety’. Take note of the men eating. They do not appear comfortable.
South Park
They decide to have an Assembly at the school to teach kids the difference between China and Japan. It predictably turns into an attack on Japanese culture. 

This is just the first in a series of attempts by the City Wok owner to discredit Japan and each time he purposes peace he does so with a manically rubs his hands together…

South Park

In the end we learn that the City Wok owner is in fact not Chinese, but actually Dr. Janice. The Chinese personna is simply the most dominant of his personalities. So he lures the ‘City Sushi’ owner into his newly built ‘Tower of Peace’ with the intention of killing him and making it look like suicide. This doesn’t work initially, but upon learning that the Wok owner is white and not Chinese, the Sushi owner is shamed and hurls himself off the tower.

Now, with no more Sushi place the police decide it’s best to let Janice gon on thinking he is Chinese, otherwise they’d have no Asian food in town at all. As the episode comes to a close however, Janice is shown in a historical, cinematic light. Alone in a room, wrapped in a blanket we hear his inner monologue, a fly lands on his hand. Just like Norman Bates a the end of 1960 Hitchcock classic Psycho. Being that is one of my favorite movies ever, this was easily my favorite scene.

South Park, Norman Bates, Psycho
“He wouldn’t hurt a fry”

Overall not a bad episode considering ‘the boys’ weren’t in it. I’d give it a 2.5, but the Psycho reference bumps it to an even 3 Bears.

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