The Man Your Luke Cage Could Smell Like…

Now I’m sure we’re all fans of the hilarious series of Old Spice commercials we’ve seen lately starring Isaiah Mustafa. Look down, back up. What’s in my hand? An oyster. Watch this commercial:

Awesome. Mustafa has made no secret of his desire to play Marvel’s Luke Cage in the long rumored yet never confirmed movie adaptation. He released this pic not too long ago:

And who could forget his previous role as Luke Cage with Marvel Superheroes: What The–?!:

But now we get to see a little promo that was put together featuring Mustafa as Luke Cage, most likely in a bid to win over Marvel Studios. It was also reported he had a meeting with Marvel to discuss this very thing. Anyways, here’s the promo, starring Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage:

Cage on TV? Sweet Christmas[/caption]

What do you think? Do you want you Luke Cage to smell like Isaiah Mustafa? Do you just want to watch another commercial? Fine.

Swan Dive!

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