Batman: Arkham City – Catwoman Revealed

It’s time for some huge Batman: Arkham City news, so prepare yourself. Now we all knew that Catwoman was going to feature heavily in the game, but nobody was sure exactly how she would fit in.

We first saw her as the typical damsel in distress with Two-Face hanging her over a giant vat of acid, and it was assumed this was a mission for Batman to rescue his sometimes lady love. With the release of the latest trailer, we learn that her involvement in the game is much more hands on.

Catwoman will be part of the campaign, following her own side missions to steal various goods left over from Gotham’s criminals. Obviously Bats will take center stage, but Catwoman’s levels will be interwoven with Bats to make for a very interesting campaign mode. Lucky for us… Hmmm, I need a girlfriend

Going by what we see in the trailer, Catwoman will have her own set of gadgets, obviously featuring the use of the boa, as well as her own move set. The fight scenes depicted just oozed fluidity, and she looked even more capable of handling a group of thugs then Bats did in Arkham Asylum. I definitely can’t wait to try out her combat, as well as see some of the cool stealth moves that were shown briefly in the trailer.

There was a lot of speculation as to the multiplayer part of the game, and I think some people were upset to hear that they were not going to include a multiplayer aspect into the game to make for a fuller and richer campaign mode, so I am definitely excited to see that we still get to play more than one character. Most people would have expected Robin to fill out this role since he did have a voice actor cast a while ago, but I for one am glad that we get to see Catwoman take the second stage as a fully playable character.

It adds for a great dynamic to the game, and cuts down on the monotony of playing as Batman following clues and kicking ass, which the first game kind of overdid. Not that I didn’t enjoy every moment of it, but giving players a chance to take on a different character with different goals, weapons, fighting styles, and move sets is only going to add to the overall playability of the game.

How excited are you for Batman: Arkham City? Who else can’t wait to play Catwoman’s levels? Or do you feel that this is Batman’s game and you want no part in having to play another character on a side mission?

Sound off in the comments section below!

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