Oldboy’s Revenge: ‘George Lucas Strikes Back’

So, there is this (pretty good) viral video floating around the meme-verse right now…

42 Word Summary:  The Real George Lucas was imprisoned sometime after finishing the original trilogy (and presumably after Last Crusade).  While incarcerated for the past 20 years, he’s been forced to watch his career torpedoed by an imposter. He’s out now.  And he’s pissed. Watch it now. We’ll wait…

Shoot first.

The video is a wonderfully Michael Mann-inspired revenge trailer, and was perfectly serviceable.  The humor was not terribly funny outside of an aged Short-Round, but then 2:20 hit.  What was an otherwise forgettable internet fake-trailer was completely redeemed by an homage to the best movie you should be Netflix-ing right now: OLDBOY!

What? Oldboy is a 2003 film by Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park – Watch it tonight.

Spoiler Free Synopsis: Oh Dae Su is a drunken jerk.  One day he’s kidnapped. He wakes up in a small room, and is kept there for 15 years without any reason given by his captors. One day he’s released.

Minor Spoiler but we need to talk about it: There is a brilliant 1-shot fight scene in the middle of the movie that features Dae Su, a hammer and a cadre of bad guys.  The fight scene is worth the price of admission alone.  He’s beat up, stabbed and smacked with what appear to be day-old French baguettes.  Throughout the fight scene there is a lone assailant prominently placed.  He’s ‘Asian-Wedge‘. He takes a few licks, but manages to crawl away not once, but twice.

Honestly, we can only dream that George Lucas is still imprisoned somewhere, and that he could one day escape and make three more good Star Wars movies… and a couple small personal films in between. But until then we have to settle for the prequels that fall short of greatness. In some cases it falls wayyyy short. Like a football field short. I still watch and enjoy the prequels in my own way, but I’ll go with this trailer’s theory of his imprisonment.

– J. Toepel

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