Breaking Bad Season 4: It’s about damn time!

Breaking Bad is one of the most well received shows on Television. Both by the critics and the ratings it receives, it is without a doubt a hit. The original season was only 7 episodes. It started in January of 2008 and ran into March of ’08. Then they brought the show back with a 13-episode second season in March of 2009. 12 months later, season 3 premieres with, what at that time, was record-setting ratings. Over 3 million people tuned in to see the show.

This Monday will mark 1 year since the 3rd season finale aired, and it’s been a long year, but the wait is finally almost over. After 13 months, on July 17th, season 4 will begin. Last week AMC released the first trailer…

Ok, so no new footage yet, but for BB fans this is enough to get excited about. Anyhow, just wanted to give everyone a heads up. We’ll be reviewing this one weekly once it starts up…

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