Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episode I ‘Healthcare’

I think we’ve really own scratched the surface of Original Web Series that are floating around on the web. We’ve talked about a couple, such as the new Mortal Kombat: Legacy series, and the funny yet frightening Psycho Ex-Girlfriend. So now I think it’s time to bring you another series that I have become a huge fan of. It’s called Avengers Assemble. It takes a look into the more humorous, and often more human side of the Avengers.

The series starts off with an average Avengers meeting. But as the season progresses you get to see a cast full of hilarious versions of our favorite characters in a sometimes raunchy, often times hilarious, and most times refreshing parody of the Avengers; tasked by Human Resources and dealing with budget cut. I could keep rambling but I think I’ll just show you the first episode:

“Jan, what happened to your eye?”

“I fell into a door…”   

Not to make light of spousal abuse, but fans of the comics will be laughing inside at that one. Some things to look forward to are the special appearance of Namor, who is looking to kick BP’s ass, Wonder Man taking dating tips from Hawkeye, and a new look at how the team sees Ms. Marvel‘s participation. Oh, not to mention a racist Captain America.

Here’s the cast of the first episode:

Plus Jack Sin as Wolverine…What? I didn’t feel like typing anymore. It’s late, leave me alone…

And the best part about our whole look at this series? There’s 6 more episodes plus a couple of featurettes that I’m going to show you until the second season premieres on July 29th.

So I hope you enjoyed the first episode, and if you want to check out more on this web series, you can check out thier website over at avengersassembletheseries.com. We’ll be here next week with a look at the second episode, plus a little more info about some of the cast.

“It’s 8 am Tony, do you really need another cocktail?”

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