Batman: Arkham City – Robin Playable With Best Buy Pre-Order?

Not too long ago we showed you a trailer that revealed Catwoman as a playable character in the campaign mode of the highly anticipated (By me at least) Batman: Arkham City. Now it seems that won’t be the only addition to the cast.

While it is an unconfirmed report, it seems that if you pre-order the game from Best Buy you will be given the chance to play as Robin in 2 of the challenge maps. For fans of the first game you will remember that the challenge maps included both Stealth and Combat levels were you had to test your skills as Batman against waves of villains.

We’ve been waiting for news on Robin’s involvement, or whether or not there would be ANY involvement. As to the report you can check the link at Best Buy (which has been removed but is still kind of accessible) and over at they have a Tweet from @arkhamcitynews telling us to wait for some more info on Robin.

Definitely exciting news for fans of Robin, and while I was hoping that we would get more Robin and not just this exclusive Challenge map, the overall greatness of the game is more important to me than bogging it down with characters that might detract from the story.

Maybe we’ll see more of Robin, and if we get to wish for things anyway, some Nightwing in Batman: Arkham Nation because I could play these games over and over. I know I might be getting a little ahead of myself but I enjoyed Arkham Asylum so much that I have pretty much already established that this game can do no wrong.

The Bat Squad in ‘DC Universe Online’

I hate having to pre-order to get stuff, but with the lure of Robin it looks like I might be getting my game from Best Buy. How about you? Do these kind of offers change how you purchase your video games? Do you think I’m way off base in assuming this game will be awesome?

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One thought on “Batman: Arkham City – Robin Playable With Best Buy Pre-Order?”

  1. Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of those games that you sit down with and play straight through to the end while dreading work, sleep, and bathroom breaks! Since it’s a huge game with plenty of replay value this can be very tough on the bladder!

    Seriously, well maybe I already was, this is one of the rare examples of a game where I walked away completely satisfied for my purchase. The characters are three dimensional in more ways than just the stunning graphics. If you are a fan of the WB series then you will be a bigger fan of the game. The voices are all there but you have the added darkness and maturity of a game that does not need to please the TV censors.

    What’s not to love! The graphics are deep and dark. The fight scenes are clean and incredibly smooth. The interface is well thought out and easy for us older types to feel that we have complete control, even during some of the more overwhelming scenarios.

    All in all this is a game I will play over and over, well , as soon as I find that last elusive puzzle piece!


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