Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episode 2 ‘Jobs’

Hope everyone enjoyed our first look at Avengers Assemble: The Series. If you missed the first episode you can check it out here. In the second episode the Avengers meet to discuss possibly the most evil and vile villain they have ever faced…

The Economy

Meanwhile… At Avengers Tower…

The Avengers are gathered in their usual celebratory meeting after a heroic defeat of Hydra. Well, Tony’s always celebrating but you know what I mean. And what better time for Tony to drop a bombshell… cutbacks.

Here’s Episode 2 – ‘Jobs’:

Stark is certainly ballsy, nobody tells Wolverine he’s in danger of losing his job. After all, he is the best there is at what he does, but what he does just isn’t very cost effective. Not like Hawkeye:

“I always hit the spot, and by spot you know what I mean, right?”

Again, I have to mention how awesome it is to see these heroes deal with these real world situations, especially the interactions between the team members. For instance, Hulk’s attempt at a joke is interpreted hilariously by Hawkeye, and only Cap really get’s Thor’s jibe. And Carol… well.. things don’t really get better for Carol.

“Carol! Are you really always this rude? My God…”

And who would have thought that the Hulk would be afraid of bankruptcy? And then we see Jan, who has of course recently walked into a door… Riiiiiigggghhhhhhhtttttt…

Last time I showed you the cast list (which is pretty much the same for this episode) so let’s take a look at some of the crew:

Now you can see most of the actors pulling double duty for the web series, but that’s something we’ll get into with later episodes. And what can you look forward too as GB continues to take a look at this web series?

I don’t know… how about some cast interviews? That tickle your fancy? How about some Cosplay pics? I know how you all love your cosplay. Oh, and more episodes, don’t forget about those. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I don’t want to spoil anything. So we’ll be here next week with a look at Episode 3 – ‘Oil Spill’.

“Avengers Assemble! There we go…”

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