Joe Rogan to Force Cow Testicles Down Your Throat: Fear Factor Returns!

Fear Factor will be returning to NBC, and it looks as though host Joe Rogan will returning as well. For those who never watched Fear Factor, it was a gruesome show daring contestants to eat gross things or perform ridiculous stunts. And it was a huge hit at the height of the ‘Reality TV Boom’.

On the show, the last remaining contestant who can perform all of the acts wins $50,000. This show really pushed the bile to the forefront of my throat. The contestants were made to do things such as bob for items inside of a vat of cow blood, walk down a runway naked in front of hundreds of people, and eat the testicles of various animals. Mmm… cow balls. I couldn’t help but watch this show when it first aired in 2001. The show was canceled in 2006 after becoming the first reality show to be syndicated back in 2004.

Joe Rogan is currently the color commentator for the UFC, he is a fantastic stand-up comic, and he also has a podcast – which I have listened to some of. Rogan has commented in his podcasts about the show. In the last one I heard, he had mentioned that they were talking about money because his career is very hectic right now and he does not want to stop doing stand-up. He mentioned that when he was initially offered the hosting position back in 2001, he was positive that the show wouldn’t take off. He says he is excited for Fear Factor to come back.


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