Game of Thrones: Comic Book Adaptations!

If you haven’t had enough Game of Thrones or didn’t feel like watching ten hours of show on HBO (That makes you a coward) then never fear! According to Gamma Squad, the series following the books AKA A Song of Ice and Fire will be brought forth to you by the medium of comic book:

Dynamite Entertainment will be publishing the first issue of the monthly comic starting this September, and compilations of the comics will be published later by Bantam Books.  Daniel Abraham will write and Tommy Patterson will draw, while the covers will be handled by Mike S. Miller and Alex Ross.

I’m not familiar with the artist or writer, although I was informed that Daniel Abraham sometimes collaborates with George R.R. Martin who penned the Song of Ice and Fire books. Seeing a cover from Alex Ross is always a welcome sight though, as is evidenced by the picture above.

Even the artist Tommy Patterson looks to have some mad skills. His drawing of Tyrion has convinced me he is a damn good fit for the series and I’m all about giving talented artists who don’t do much mainstream work a chance to branch out. With something as big as Game of Thrones is getting I’m sure Mr. Patterson will be known throughout comic-land soon enough.

As excited as I am for this newest interpretation of A Song of Ice and Fire, I was actually hoping for more tales from times past in Westeros as the Hedge Knight and Hedge Knight 2 gave us. I’m still hopefully waiting for a day when George R.R. Martin writes stories about the rule of the Mad King and Robert’s Rebellion, if that ever happens. If it does then we’ll more than likely have to wait until a Song of Ice and Fire is completed. Is anyone else excited for this? Sound off below!

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Jon Snow – Thanks to Gamma Squad

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