New Trailer – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

So we have a trailer for the new film from the director of Let the Right One In Tomas Alfredson. Based on the novel “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” written by the legend of espionage novels John le Carré.  Enjoy the trailer and we can discuss after.

The movie stars Tom Hardy, Mark Strong, Colin Firth, Gary Oldman, Toby Jones,  Benedict Cumberbatch, and John Hurt – which is a damn strong cast.

The story revolves around George Smiley (Oldman) who is a retired spy called back by British Intelligence to uncover a Russian mole in the “Circus”, the in-house name for MI-6.  This all takes place in the 70’s, so the Russians are still relevant and scary.  Now it sounds like a pretty standard plot, but it should be well done given the original author.

Now you cannot expect a spy movie along the lines of Bourne or Bond, le Carre based works are more along the intellectual than the action lines.  I am excited to see this movie because I read the book and loved it, and hope that it comes across well on the silver screen.  A particular point of optimism is that le Carre was involved in writing the screenplay, so it should maintain some fidelity to the source material and not completely destroy it to dumb it down for an audience (I’m looking directly at you Count of Monte Cristo).

Just a note for all nerds, this has already been made into a TV adaptation back in 1979 for the BBC, and starred none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec Guiness, as George Smiley. No pressure there Oldman.

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