105.7 The Point – Woody and Rizzuto: Finally Something Worth Listening to…

So I don’t know about your local radio market, but here in the bay area there is absolutely nothing worth listening too.  The sport shows are down right embarrassing despite the fact of having the most professional teams and relevant college teams in the area to talk about, and all the other morning shows are just annoying. You have two gay guys screaming how everything is FABULOUS, Sarah and Vinnie who manage to screw up every news topic they discuss when they take a break from talking about shit nobody cares about (can someone please explain to me how the hell Sarah has been able to stay on the radio for so long??), and then you have a syndicated show from LA which is stale and LOVES the whacky, zany fake phone call bits. So rather than switch to iPod  and Pandora for my commutes to work, I was able to find something worth listening to via podcast.

The show is called “The Woody and Rizzuto Show” and it is based out of St. Louis, Missouri. The show is on the local FM dial on 105.7, and runs from 6am till 10am Central Time. The show consists of 3 guys, the hosts Woody and Scott Rizzuto, and their producer Tony Patrico (aka Fatty). The show, in short, is basically about breaking balls and having fun (mostly at the expense of their producer). The target audience for the show is the 18-35 year old males, but is shockingly picking up a strong following of female and 35+ listeners as well.

In addition to daily news, sports, and celebrity news, the show also has standard weekly segments that consists of the following:

Tuesdays: Freak of the Week and Got Game with Steve “Manballs” Masters. Freak of the Week, is a segment where they bring in a local St. Louis celebrity, Fred from the ‘Cheapo Depot’, to read local Craigslist ads that they found, and have the listeners vote on which one is the freaky-est. While this segment is certainly one of their best, it pretty much makes any desire to visit the city nonexistent. While the ads themselves could carry this segment, listening to the old man reading them makes it priceless. The Got Game segment is all about what’s new with video games, and allows for callers to ask questions of Manballs Masters about upcoming releases or their systems.

Wednesdays: Bitch be Trippin. This segment is where they not only read stories of women doing crazy, stupid stuff, but they also open the phone lines up to allow listeners to call out the women in their lives who do and say stupid stuff.

Thursdays: Sexy Time Fun Facts. This is where they bring up a different sex topic, usually based on a recent survey (i.e. what age did you lose your virginity) and discuss the findings and get input/stories concerning the topic from listeners.

Friday: Fail Stories and Donnie’s Week in Rage. The fail stories segment consists of reading stories where people came up with the perfect plan, the best idea, but when it came time to perform…..FAIL. The best is listening to the listener fail stories when they do call in with them. And finally there is the Week in Rage. This segment is where the guys give the mid-morning host, Donnie Fandango, his own segment to let loose on rant about all the things bugging him from the week. It’s a lot like the old Lewis Black ‘Back in Black’ segment, that used to air on the Daily Show. Definitely one of the bests segments on the show.

5 thoughts on “105.7 The Point – Woody and Rizzuto: Finally Something Worth Listening to…”

  1. The Bay Area really missed Woody, Tony, and Ravey, but Woody & Riz via podcast is a great ‘second’ best option. You would think the 4th largest radio market would have a great show like this…but no…just an angry lesbian station that won’t go away….

    Suck it, and have a great Bay Area Day!!

    -CBS Radio Paper-Pusher


    1. Agreed. The quality of bay area radio is amazing for the market size. How Sarah and Vinnie stay on the air defies logic. Kevin and Bean are outdated and stale. I can’t stand the “whacky” fake phone calls.


  2. You wanna know what’s worse than Bay Area Radio? North Bay Area radio, just a few months ago, we lost the last Active Rock station in Northern California-101.7 The Fox, for another top 40 station: and it was one of the best things that has ever happened. That’s how bad our radio is, I’d rather have no rock station than the rock station we had, it was just Butt-rock garbage all day, and Metallica, and not the good Metallica at that, it was Justice and beyond Metallica, No Megadeth, no Slayer or Dio, just shit.
    I would kill for a great radio show, Alice dominates the market share because they have the most insane tower strength around. I live in bumfuck nowhere and I can get that Sarah and Vinnie bullshit clear as day all throughout Sonoma County (which is 70 miles north of SF) whereas other stations-including AM juggernaut KGO have horrific dead zones near the West end. I wish somebody would get Adam Carolla back on the air- his podcast just isn’t enough. Or TOm Lykus, that guy was the shit.


  3. I first heard Woody (along with Tony and Ravey) in 2004 and 2005 when they did afternoons at Chicago’s Q101. It was after they exited Q101 when they went on to San Fran. WTR didn’t do in Chicago a lot of what they did in the bay area and now with Riz in St. Louis but I became hooked after listening for a week.


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