The 2011 MLB All-Stars Game: 5 Ways to Improve It

Tonight is the MLB All Star game.  Really the best that can be said for it is that it is the best all-star game in all of sports.  That out of the way, it is still horrible.  It hasn’t always been this way, it used to be something that people looked forward to, and something that created incredibly memorable events…

But all that has been gone since the players stopped being treated like indentured servants and became millionaires.  They have a lot to lose is they get hurt in a game that really doesn’t matter.  Well, I have five ways that MLB can improve the All Star Game…

1. Eliminate Inter-League Play: Not just because inter-league is terrible and has run  its course, but part of the excitement from the All Star Game was seeing your hometown favorite square off against somebody you never get to see.

2. It’s an Exhibition, It Should Not Matter: Bud Selig tried to make the game matter more by having it decide who has home field advantage in the World Series, but that cheapens the records of their teams that square off for the championship.  Now that does not directly improve the All Star Game, but the current situation opens the game for mocking.

3. Make the Players Play: There are 16 players who will not be playing, and some of them basically by their own choice.  Now this is the big problem plaguing all the leagues and there really is not a great answer.  The NFL tried to bribe them with a trip to Hawaii, and that fails.  The NHL tried to require it in the collective bargaining agreement, but didn’t have the guts to enforce their own rules.  My suggestion is to not force it, but require any player who is selected, but chooses they are not going to play to pay a fine, with the proceeds going to charity.  At least there is some positive that comes from them bowing out.


4. Move the Game: Some of those 16 players not playing are pitchers who cannot partake because they pitched on Sunday, notably the ‘should be AL starting pitcher’ Justin Verlander.  The game should be on Wednesday, which would allow those pitchers to take part as they rightly should.


5. Eliminate It: I don’t really advocate eliminating the game entirely, but if you can’t get your best players to play, or improve any of the other shortcomings, it should be gotten rid of.  It should then be replaced with a beer league style softball game, with everyone required to have a BAC over the legal limit.  We could even get rid of the horrible home run derby then too, which would have the added benefit of getting read of Chris Berman yelling “Backbackbackbackbackback” like some malfunctioning dump truck…

Do you have any better ideas how to improve the game?  Do you agree with me, or am I a moron?  That all being said, I will be enjoying the game tonight, it counts you know.

3 thoughts on “The 2011 MLB All-Stars Game: 5 Ways to Improve It”

  1. Great post. I’m still not completely understanding why they keep doing the home-field advantage thing for the all-star game. They have more players than ever that have to get into the game. They have to do everything in their power to protect the pitchers arms so they don’t wreck them. They have to win a game. I love the baseball all-star game and I don’t watch it because of home field advantage. I’m just wondering who actually does watch it for that sole reason because I don’t find that a lot of people like it either. I wonder how much longer they are going to keep it around for because it seems like their ratings are still suffering. Anyways, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say


  2. 3. I agree- I mean, I understand that Jeter is old and crabby and doesn’t want to play. I’m fine with that. But he could AT LEAST show up. I’m going to take it a step further. I think EVERY player should show up. If just to wave at a camera. Every single player. Yep. So, if you can’t play, you can at least smile for the people that contribute to your millions.


  3. @ chris ross- no you fucking wouldn’t trust me.

    throw baseball shaped fireworks for the home run derby. that’d be fucking awesome.


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