AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 2 Preview

First is a clip from back in March in which we see an interview with Gale Ann Hurd, producer on The Walking Dead. She explains how the first month that the cast is in town, they go over characterizing and talk with the writers about their take on the show. I love that they do this. She said that before they ever write, this is their process. She also describes season 2 as the “road season” – meaning that you don’t know where they are going to end up, or what they will run into. (Something that I did not know: Gale also worked on the Terminator and Aliens movies.)

Next, AMC did a “looking ahead” piece after the end of season one. The co-producer Denise Huth said in this that she spoke to the creator of the Walking Dead comics – Robert Kirkman – and asked him if he had any thoughts about the way it would all end. He responded by saying that it will never end. Again… extraordinarily exciting.

The Walking Dead will premiere this Fall on AMC.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Robert Kirkman

One thought on “AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 2 Preview”

  1. Also, I want to point out that after looking at the last video once more, and re-watching an old episode of season one, I noticed changes in Rick., He either looks a little more devious to me, or maybe like he is protecting something. Like… maybe he has a lot more to fight for now. Not just his wife and son but something else. OR maybe he is just getting desensitized to hitting zombies with rocks.


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