Conan the Barbarian: 2:51 of Pure BADASS

For anyone who is yet sold on the new Conan movie, prepare to be. What follows is a clip, just under 3 minutes long, that show even as a kid, Conan was the baddest mother on the block…

Go ahead. Tell me that wasn’t sweet.

One thought on “Conan the Barbarian: 2:51 of Pure BADASS”

  1. Okay……..I’ll be the first then!

    Who on Earth did the hair make up and clothes for this movie!………Ron Perlman looks like he stepped right out of a comedy movie set!
    And all the young lads with Conan looks so so clean, with their clean white clothes and clean faces………and those Indian looking savages………again very clean faces!
    As for the fight…….yes some blood……..but it looks like something out of Karate Kid……. much too choreographed.
    In my eyes Conan should be far rawer ……..this is too clean and stylised for my liking.


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