‘The Stand’ Movie Coming Soon?

I don’t know why they have to make a Stand movie at all when the old six-hour mini series is so blatantly awesome. My favorite scene is when a ‘super flu’ infected guy confronts Gary Sinise’s character in a stairwell and says “come down and eat chicken with me beautiful, it’s so dark!” I laughed exceptionally hard, but it wasn’t over because Gary Sinise proceeds to kick him in the face area with a scream of rage. Effin’ classic.

But then I start thinking, this is a story about the U.S. population being ravaged by a terrible epidemic, and evil forces attempting to remake our world in their image from the ashes. So it shouldn’t be funny I guess. So let’s move on with making a new one because I couldn’t handle the Randall Flagg in the old one with his Canadian tuxedo and mega-mullet.

Check out the latest movie news about The Stand from IGN below:

The Stand seems like a logical fit for this role, as the novel is widely regarded as Stephen King’s best work in his storied, critically-acclaimed career. NY Mag’s Vulture has the current developments, citing that David Yates, the director of the past four Harry Potter films, has been cultivating King’s text, looking for ways to turn the epic into a multi-picture affair — making it the latest in a long line of blockbuster trilogies throughout Hollywood’s tumultuous history.

So I’m not sure how realistic any of this “multi picture” stuff jives with me now that  Universal has backed out of The Dark Tower mega-production. I guess if worse comes to worse than they just won’t go forward with any sequels. There are plenty of big budget blockbusters that under perform, and pretty much doom any hopes of a sequel… Green Lantern.

One of the more interesting tidbits in this whole thing is the fact that David Yates may indeed be the one to helm The Stand. The Harry Potter director’s name is being thrown this way and that since he’s now done with his fourth and final film involving Hogwarts. Not only The Stand, but Ciciero with Tom Hardy as Al Capone, and the acclaimed graphic novel series Fables are all out there with David Yates rumored to be directing. So which will he do? All of them? Is it even possible? Sound off below on your thoughts about The Stand getting the big screen treatment?

3 thoughts on “‘The Stand’ Movie Coming Soon?”

  1. Man I loved that mini-series, the book, the comic, The Stand is amazing and i would watch a trilogy, but only a trilogy of well done movies in a heartbeat.


  2. Would love to see a uncensored remake of the Stand made with a good director and a talented cast of mostly unknown actors. I think it’d be best if they did a HBO series of it.


  3. Have any of you READ the BOOK? Trust me, if you had, you’d have been NOTHING but dissappointed by the mini-series….only thing worse was the first attempt of the motion picture. This think is EPIC, CURRENT (yes, still) and was the first of it’s kind (unfortunately followed by a mega-count of horror-style end-of-the-world-via-virus flicks). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this one be done RIGHT. Reading King is to actually SEE the characters. I actually remember going through them in my head, trying to “cast” the film I had hoped would be made…


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