Kevin Smith’s Red Band Trailer for Red State

It was bound to happen by the grace of God, we have the red band trailer for Kevin Smith’s movie Red State. We all know that Kevin Smith movies are practically meant for a redband trailer (cue the Jersey Girl needs a red band trailer to hide its stench from the general public jokes), but this seems to be a great use of it.

The major story out of this movie was he distributed himself to rid himself of the ‘Hollywood way’ of marketing and throwing a movie to the general public after millions of marketing and other crap. He wanted to make a movie that did not have to satisfy so many people to dub it a success or a failure, and he has succeeded in that regard with his tour that took his flick to several theaters and pulled in decent cash to pay off the movie. So kudos to him for that.

I’m a big Kevin Smith fan and I was excited to see this movie (although I couldn’t get out of work when it came to Ann Arbor). Looking at the trailer was probably my first peek into this world, at least in extended footage. I will say I am looking forward to seeing this movie it truly looks like a raw thriller/horror/whatever you want to classify it movie that seems pretty bad ass. It gets a bit hokey towards the end but it sort of reassures me that it’s a Kevin Smith flick, because of the dialogue exchanges and quips. Regardless, view the trailer, enjoy, and watch in September. After all, this is the second to last Kevin Smith directed movie so enjoy it while you can. Or just watch Mallrats over and over and hide yourself from reality. That’s cool too…

Kevin Smith, Red State

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