Most Famous Celebrity Conspiracy Theories: Deaths and/or Disappearances

When a celebrity dies it is sometimes difficult for the world to accept. There have been several celebrities who have led very sketchy lives, and many died too young. This usually leaves fans in disbelief, and sometimes conspiracy theories are made revolving around their deaths, although a lot of times these theories are not given a second look. But sometimes,at least I believe, we should look that second time.

MARILYN MONROE (Norma Jean Baker)
June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962


Image (2) marilyn-monroe.jpg for post 12792There is a significant amount of speculation surrounding the death of actress/sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. Her official cause of death was listed as “suicide” by way of barbiturate enema. I do want to start out by saying that I do believe her death was a suicide, but no one will ever know for sure. Marilyn had attempted suicide numerous times before her death, and her mother was later institutionalized, so it may have been a chemical imbalance making her depressed, and so she ended her life. The second-most believed cause was accidental overdose. Allegedly, Marilyn had two doctors working with her to help her with her sleeping problems. One of her doctors was going through a rough time at home, and didn’t disclose all of the prescriptions to her other doctor. The enema to help her sleep slowed the metabolism of the drug, Nembutal, in her system and the interaction caused her death.

Although these two are the most plausible scenarios, there are some who believe that Marilyn Monroe was murdered. Everyone has heard about her affair with John Kennedy, and possibly Robert, his brother as well. What some who believe she was murdered think is that, since Marilyn was in a position to bring down the presidency, the Kennedy brothers had something to do with her death. She had letters and phone records between them, which were known to exist but were purposely destroyed after her death. Also, there were witnesses to put Robert Kennedy very near the scene of her death. There are many who think that the government may have ordered a kill on Monroe to end the controversy between her and the President.


January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977



Elvis Presley was undoubtedly one of the most famous performers of all time. The official cause of death was an unknown severe heart disease. Many people, however, believe that Elvis is not dead, or at least did not die that day back in 1977. In fact, there are many who say that he faked his own death to get out of  financial issues, and out of the public eye. What really makes the Elvis story interesting to me is the fact that many of the Elvis sightings have been in Michigan. There have been thousands of “Elvis sightings” around the country.

More interestingly, there have been interviews with several policemen, investigators, and supposed friends of Elvis. Some say that he is due to make a comeback. There were details revealed about his death that didn’t add up, exposed by a woman named Gail Brewer Giorgio. She said that one of the nurses said “This is not Elvis Presley, who is this?” when he was brought to the hospital. Also, during his funeral, there were reports of sweat beads on his face while he was in his casket. Not only can dead bodies not sweat, but are filled with embalming fluid… strange, yes. Is this enough evidence to support the fact that Elvis Presley is walking around Kalamazoo, Michigan with a dog and a van waiting for his comeback? Probably not for most people.


June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996


Tupac Shakur was a very talented rap artist. He was adored by millions, and had a lot of famous friends. Supposedly, 2Pac was shot four times, survived for six days, but passed away on the seventh day. The most commonly believed conspiracy theories is that Pac faked his own death, and is still alive. There is a good deal of evidence behind this theory. For instance, the autopsy and cremation were done in around 24 hours. That is ridiculously quick to burn a body. Also, photos of Pac were taken throughout the night that he died. He was in a vehicle with some other people driving around and there were pictures during the night where he was hollering at some ladies, where he was flipping people the bird, but none of the time he was shot. The photo of Tupac that was released of him “dead” did not show his face at all. It showed his tattoos, but nothing to verify that it was his body. Tupac also released more records after he passed than while he was alive. Tupac’s funeral was canceled for “unknown reasons”. Also, some of the lyrics/videos for songs released shortly after his death foretold his death.


However, though these facts are compelling, we also know that Pac was somewhat suicidal. At the hospital one time he told the doctor that he has thought a lot about committing suicide. He had said he knew his life was going to be cut short, so why not? Also, many of his lyrics admit to wanting to die. So, the other theory is that he was putting himself in very dangerous situations on purpose and causing fights just so that he could get himself murdered. Since he always wore a bulletproof vest everywhere, why not that night? Some think that he knew something was going to go down, and since he wanted to die, didn’t bother to fight it. All of these theories are intriguing. Not to mention all of the “Tupac sightings” everywhere. I will say this… if anyone had the balls to fake his own death for personal gain, it would be Tupac.


December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971

Celebrity Just like many other artists, Jim Morrison died far too young. At the age of 27, The singer of famous rock legends “The Doors” was found dead in his bathtub from “heart failure”. There have been many speculations surrounding his death, mainly because of his lifestyle and the fact that no autopsy was ever performed. One theory is that, like many others, Jim Morrison died from a drug overdose. A friend of his stated that she saw that he had taken heroin thinking that it was cocaine, and OD’d. Another theory, not new to this article, is that he faked his own death. Morrison had stated at several live shows and to many of his friends previous to his death that he would one day fake his death and become a necktie wearing businessman. He allegedly said this frequently before his death, and the other band members stated that they were inclined to believe it. Regarding all these rumors, Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek stated:

“If there was one guy that would have been capable of staging his own death — getting a phony death certificate and paying off some French doctor… And putting a hundred and fifty pound sack of sand into a coffin and splitting to some point on this planet — Africa, who knows where — it is Jim Morrison who would have been able to pull it off.”

There were rumors that, since Jim’s dad worked for the government, he also was involved with the CIA, Swedish Intelligence Agency, etc. If this rumor were proven true, then what Morrison had said all of those times before his death would have come true. He will have become a necktie wearing businessman. Also, there was a man who reportedly was using the name James Morrison to bank with, claimed he was the dead singer, and dressed exactly like Morrison did during his leather phase. This man had a real bank account with real, money and wrote/cashed real checks… they never had a problem with him (other than he claimed to be the dead singer).

CelebrityAnother thing that was spoken of greatly after Jim Morrison’s passing was his involvement in voodoo. Jim Morrison many times claimed connections to the occult and specifically Voodoo or Vodoun philosophy and magic. Some of the rumors floating around the voodoo theory were pretty much insane. First, there was a rumor that his band mates plucked the eyes out of a voodoo doll of him to “free his soul”.

Next, some said that the spirit of the Shaman drove him to great extremes and he was able to materialize and dematerialize at will, making it easier to fake his death while explaining all of the alleged sightings.

Morrison’s self-made nicknames were all directly linked to the occult. It was a part of his “path”. ‘The moniker “Mr. Mojo Risin'” was an anagram — a rearrangement of the letters in Jim Morrison. Mojo is a religious term describing shamanic “power icon” or affiliation.
The African root Mo refers to the dark or darkness. Mojo is a specific African/Vodoun/Obeah traditional term.

“I think that there are whole regions of images and feelings that are rarely given outlet in daily life… when they do come out, they can take perverse forms” said Morrison circa 1968. He goes on to say that “the shaman is the healer, like the Witch-doctor.” Morrison reiterates elsewhere that “we must not forget that the snake or the lizard is identified with the unconscious and the forces of evil…” So says the legendary “Lizard King”. “The Lizard King” was one of Jim Morrison’s occult code names. He was also called “The Exterminating Angel” in occult circles, according to film critic Gene Youngblood and others.’ There are probably no less than hundreds of individual theories about what really happened to James Morrison the day he “died”.


February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994


Kurt Cobain (Singer/guitarist of “Nirvana”) was a very well-known and highly respected musician with a very public drug problem. Kurt was found dead by way of “suicide” on April 8, 1994 (3 days after his death). I, personally, have devoted what would probably add up to weeks of my time researching Kurt Cobain’s death via the internet and the library. In 2005 I discovered a book that was published in 2004, written by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace called “Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain” in the non-fiction section. So many things about this book intrigued me, not the least of which was that it was in the non-fiction section of my library. The only largely believed conspiracy theory revolving around Kurt Cobain is that he was murdered. The main questions were by whom, and is it true? I, for one, believe whole-heartedly that Kurt Cobain was murdered, and that anyone who doesn’t believe probably has not done their research.

CelebrityLet’s begin by discussing Kurt Cobain’s drug problem. When he was young, he was diagnosed with scoliosis. Since he could not afford medication from doctors, he lived in agony. Cobain, after becoming a paid musician and meeting Courtney Love (hag) he discovered heroin. This drug took the pain away from a man whose scoliosis had caused pinched nerves, and he was excited. I am in no way condoning his drug use, because drugs are bad…mmmkay? Nevertheless, he at least had a logical reason for taking drugs. Cobain very quickly became addicted to the drug. He and Courtney Love (his wife) would, according to friends, get high together every single day. After Cobain’s doctor prescribed him tranquilizers (diazepam) in late 1993, according to Kurt’s journals he felt free. He was able to take the tranquilizers in place of the heroin. When Kurt Cobain was touring in Rome in early 1994, about a month or so before his death, he was rushed to the hospital as a result of an overdose. Allegedly, Cobain had taken alcohol, and when mixed with the tranquilizer it caused a reaction. (Courtney Love, after Kurt’s death, claimed that Rome was a suicide attempt. She said that he kept gobbling roofies, and took 50 of them. That is a lie, obviously, but what more can we expect?) What is even more interesting than what they found is what they did NOT find. There was no trace of heroin in Kurt’s system when he was taken into the hospital. This was a month before his death.

This leads me to my next point… the levels of heroin in his system at the time his body was found.The level of heroin in Cobain’s bloodstream was 1.52 milligrams per litre. Any professional will tell you that Kurt Cobain would have been immediately incapacitated from injecting that much heroin into his system. He would have died instantly, or at the very least been found unconscious with a needle sticking out of his arm. The needle was NOT in his arm… it was back in the cigar box where it always was, the box was closed and far from his body at the scene, his sleeves were rolled back down, and he had a gun in his hand. That is a lot to do for someone who would have already been dead. But Michelle, surely an addict could build up a tolerance to that much heroin and function? Yes, sirs and madams. There have been literally a couple of cases where that much heroin was found in someone’s system, and they had about a minute of functionality. However, this is enough heroin to kill a horse, or 5 heroin users. So, if there was no heroin in Kurt’s system a month before when he was rushed to the hospital, there is NO WAY that he could have pulled the trigger. The science doesn’t lie.


The Rome incident was not the only time Courtney has stated falsely that Cobain was suicidal. There were several calls to the Seattle Police station (at least four separate occasions that I know of) from Courtney Love that her husband had locked himself in a room with a gun and threatened to kill himself. Every single time the police arrived, they found no gun and Courtney admitted to “assuming he was suicidal” and him not actually saying it. Some say that this was just to instill the idea at the police department that Kurt was suicidal so that when his body was found they would rule it a suicide. F.Y.I. they ruled it a suicide upon arrival. They never investigated. The photos from the crime scene were never even developed.

CelebrityThere was a suicide note… or was there? The note was addressed to “Boddah”, Kurt’s childhood imaginary friend. The entire note seemed to be about leaving the music industry and possibly leaving Courtney (they were in the middle of a divorce when he died, as stated by their mutual lawyer), and did not appear in any way to be a suicide note. The only part that seemed like it might qualify was the last four lines, which Private Investigator Tim Grant had looked into by a handwriting specialist, who concluded that “the last four lines were not written by the same person”.

There were no fingerprints found…anywhere. No legible fingerprints were found on the gun. No fingerprints on the soda can he was “drinking out of”, none on the suicide note or pen near it, none on the doors/locks. No prints were lifted from the trigger. How strange.

CelebrityTom Grant was a private investigator hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt after he fled from a rehab facility n California not long before his body was found. He is the person divulging all of the information to the public about the homicide theory after seeing all of the messed up, tragic things that happened during the time surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death. These things include: Courtney sending Grant to Kurt’s ex-drug-dealer’s home for surveillance instead of his own home saying that he wouldn’t go home. Also, Courtney’s drug dealer/babysitter Dewitt had seen Kurt at the home days before she sent Grant out.

Why didn’t she tell him? (Instead, she filed a missing persons report to the SPD while pretending to be Kurt’s mother). When Grant went to their home after a long wild goose chase he was sent on, he was unaware that they had a green room above their garage. Since no one told him, he did not look and it was dark when he was sent. The day Kurt was found, Courtney told their electrician to re-wire the green room above their garage out of nowhere. Courtney reportedly was being cut out of Kurt’s will. Their mutual attorney, Rosemary Carroll, told Grant that she and Cobain were in the middle of drawing up a will which would exclude her entirely. It is a good thing that will never got finished! Now she can do things like publish his personal journals… his innermost thoughts… and buy shoes! Amongst many other things, these were facts that made Grant question Courtney.

Nick Broomfield was a filmmaker who was investigating the death of Kurt Cobain. I watched his documentary “Kurt and Courtney” and didn’t get much out of it except for one very important detail. Eldon Hoke (El Duce) was in a band called “The Mentors”.

During the High Times article El Duce claimed that in the last day’s of December 1993, Courtney Love pulled up outside The Rock Shop, a Hollywood record shop, at 1644 Wilcox Ave, Hollywood, and spoke to him. The conversation went:

C Love: “El, I need a favor of you. My old man’s been a real asshole lately, I need you to blow his f–king head off.”
El Duce: “Are you serious”?
C Love: “Yeah, I’ll give you $50,000 to blow his f–king head off.”
El Duce: “I’m serious if you are”.
CLove: “Where can I reach you”?
El Duce: “You can reach me here”.

CelebrityEl Duce was given a polygraph test and asked directly if this situation occurred. Duce scored a slightly less impressive 99.84% score. He was, days later, run over by a train. He didn’t mention who DID kill Kurt, although he did mention that he knew who did. He made mention of a man named Alan. Upon further investigating, Tom Grant interviewed a man named Alan Wrench. (Yes, that is his real name.) He all but said that he killed Kurt Cobain.

CelebrityGrand captured their conversations on a tape recorder, and quoted them to the writers of “Love and Death…”. He mentioned that he was with El Duce the entire day leading up to his death. He told Grant how someone could push a person in front of the train El Duce was run over by without anyone seeing him do it (there was a convenience store near the train). Allen also claimed that he recently came into $50,000. Odd. He laughed when asked if he had anything to do with Cobain’s death, and did not give a response.

There are other factors such as the Seattle Police Department’s way of handling the situation, why there was never enough evidence in the SPD’s eyes to reopen the case, why Courtney has never been given a polygraph, why there were no fingerprints anywhere, how El Duce actually died, why the polygraph he took was never considered enough to question Courtney on, etc…

We will most likely never know what truly happened. I can only hope that one day, SHE will get hers.


Sources – Wikipedia (Marilyn, Elvis, Tupac, Morrison, and Cobain)
and Justice for Kurt, as well as the book Love and Death.

11 thoughts on “Most Famous Celebrity Conspiracy Theories: Deaths and/or Disappearances”

  1. Ahh, Conspiracy Theories. Well written, Michelle. Regardless of whether the truth can or will ever be known it is important to consider all sides when these things happen.


  2. “Courtney Love (hag)”…awesome :]

    and really, there is A LOT on kurt cobain here…while im not sure i’m entirely convinced that his death was a murder by what’s been presented here, you’ve certainly made it uncomfortable for me to rule out the possibility of it, or to simply write off his death as “a junkie that OD’d; case closed”…


  3. Stephen King didn’t kill Jim Morrison, he allegedly killed John Lennon. The whack job who won’t shut up about that is a guy named Steven Lightfoot, he used to be a frequent caller on many AM radio station trying to express this theory-coupled with that the government killed his father via plane crash on the ten ear anniversary of Nixon’s resignation. Lightfoot lives in my hometown of Santa Rosa California and attends every city hall meeting to tell them to do something about Stephen King.


    1. This is the first time ive heard anything about this idiot,can you give us some more info id love to hear more about him.


  4. Thank you for catching that! I was researching Lennon’s death because he was one of the possibilities and must have gotten those switched! You are fantastic for knowing this. Thanks again man!


  5. Nicely written. I disagree with so much of the different aspects of each conspiracy theory that I really can’t form an opinion either way on most. But as far as Elvis…I saw him yesterday at Wal*Mart riding a scooter. We can now add Michael Jackson to the list. (Were HIS doctors comparing notes?)


    1. Crackhead Courtney did it. She took the father away from the daughter he loved with all his heart.


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