Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.04 – “The Smiley Face” Review

Oh boy, this episode already has a problem for Larry with another person moving into his office complex where he works and the guy’s name is Dino and he likes to be called Big Dog and refers to himself in the third person. After Larry allows him to use a cabinet in the shared kitchen… it’s just not going to work out.

Larry also has a new girlfriend. A hostess at the restaraunt where he and Jeff eat and she’s smoking hot. I love the show how Larry can constantly still get hot women after Cheryl is out of the picture. Heidi (Rebecca Creskoff – Hung), the hostess girlfriend is the one who sends the smiley face through text and leaves him one last one after they break up that gives the episode it’s title.

Inevitably, Dino takes up two cabinets at the office kitchen and crams all of Larry’s stuff into one cabinet. Larry’s office life seems to be falling apart without Antoinette there due to her father being in the hospital.

It was a great thing to see Michael Gross in this episode as Larry’s dermatologist, whom he uses as an excuse for being late to lunch with Richard Lewis. Then when Larry goes to him next Richard Lewis and people he has referred have all cancelled their appointments. This episode was a perfect example of Larry weaving a web of lies and excuses that eventually catch up with, Jeff once more getting caught in the middle as well.

The episode did take a little while to pick up but towards the end it was just downright hilarious. The best scene of the episode was when Larry and Big Dog have a yelling match and criticize each others food supplies. I give the episode a 2.5 out of 5, an average episode at best.

Larry David Do’s and Don’ts in this episode

-Talk during making out.
-Date the hostess at a place where you eat.

-Hug another guy cheek to cheek.
-Text a smiley face
-Share cabinets at a shared office kitchen
-Say sorry about someone’s death after two years. There’s a sorry window people!

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