Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 112 – Visions Pt. 1

Meet Foster Prentiss, the Amazing Mysterium, an eyeliner wearing scum bag in the city of Cuesta Verde who spends his nights duping the shit out of audiences with his smoking hot assistant. See, Mister Prentiss simply pickpockets the person and reads their license out loud, joking around after the person in the audience wouldn’t tell him his name. Through a two-way radio, Foster’s assistant has already looked up all of the audience member’s information from the license information and assists Prentiss in duping the viewers attending the show. What a douche!

Things seem to be going well for Prentiss and the aforementioned smoking hot assistant Tara. They celebrate at the end of the performance behind closed doors with an extended banging, but it’s afterwards that things get a little sticky. (Not that kind of sticky.)

Tara is not satisfied with her 2% cut and tries to blackmail Foster into giving her more or she’ll go to TMZ to expose him. You don’t want to f–k with TMZ my friends. Trust me on this. Foster gets way dramatic by pulling an archaic looking gun out letting Tara know that he’s going to make her disappear for good. Seriously if I was a magician with homicidal tendencies I would totally love using that line every time I was about to slay someone. Good call Prentiss. Before we can see if he shoots her or not the opening credits roll. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it before but I absolutely love the Femme Fatales theme song!

It gets me pumped before a new episode gets into the thick of things. Tanit Phoenix was looking very good in this episode opening. She reminded me of a real life Zatanna

The next time we see Foster he is awaken from his douchey slumber by a stunning, naked blonde swimming in the middle of the night in his pool. Tara is long gone and the pool girl offers to be Foster’s assistant, to which he accepts after a quick interview-bang. I gotta say there’s been a ton of sex in this episode. The pool girl, Jessica, may look familiar to everyone as one of the femme fatales from The Clinic (aka the episode with the Bang-Nurse and the Bang-Closet). Jessica lets Foster know that she has set him up to communicate with a rich older woman’s daughter who went missing and is probably dead. Presumably this will make them some mega dollars.

At their next show, Foster has a couple of instances where he touches different people and experiences real visions making him not such a gigantic fraud after all, even though the whole thing creeps him out. The visions show him murders that the two women have committed from previous episodes. Jessica of course doesn’t believe him until he touches her and sees her misdeeds from The Clinic episode.  Jessica is shocked, but quickly recovers by telling Prentiss how rich they are going to become with his newly found talent. This broad is a real money grubber. Something tells me that the woman Jessica set Foster up to read will turn out to be Tara’s mother, but I guess we’ll have to wait a couple of days to find out!

This episode wasn’t the best of the bunch, especially trying to follow-up the last episode. I think it’s because the two parts would be best watched together as a 48 minute episode, because it doesn’t work very well at one. It was interesting however, especially seeing how they are tying in the other episodes into this one. I have high hopes that the second part will redeem this one. I give the episode a modest 2.5 out of 5. Those sex scenes really saved the day!

As for the tie-ins, here’s your cameos…

Here we see Speed Date‘s Kevin Freeman once again abusing the internet dating scene and conning Demonologist Dr. Holly Brown (Haunted) into wasting her evening. This was my favorite of the cameos, not only because it ties 3 episode together at once, but also because Kevin Freeman is hilarious.

Next was the focus of one of our favorite episodes – Bad Medicine‘s Violet Macready. Ms. Macready we learn is no longer in the Nursing biz and looks a pissed as ever.

And the last in his audience is the former ‘Crazy Chick’ Tiffany, who you might recognize from Girls Gone Dead.

6 thoughts on “Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 112 – Visions Pt. 1”

  1. Do you know what is the name of the song they play in the first part when Prentiss and Tara are “banging”? The singer says “Ah ah…this is gonna…fuck you up”


  2. excellent plot, well for cinemax atleast but atleast this time they did something a bit better although I have to point out tht showing us tht the greek chicks were never caught was a refreshing touch to make sure that the plot is for cinemax not an actual show because there is no way on earth those chicks can go 2 days without being caught, what with the fingerprints all over the place, the fact that they bought the house making them traceable and thier faces were on the film as it started streaming. But the rest of the plot was cool


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