Friday Night Lights the TV show…the Movie…? Sure Why Not

Looks like we just cannot let you go Coach Taylor.

Several outlets, including IGN,, and E! Online are reporting that Peter Berg, director of the first Friday Night Lights movie and Executive Producer of the awesome just ended series is moving forward with a movie. While promoting his new series Prime Suspect, Berg says in regards to the FNL flick to E!Online, “We’re writing a script. We’ve been meeting with Jason Katims, the last couple of weeks. We have a real good script idea. We want to do it. We’re very serious about doing it and we intend to do it.” Jason Katims in case you forgot, was the showrunner of Friday Night Lights during it’s five season run on the peacock. More quotes? Okay, here Katims elaborating to, “It is something that we had talked about for a couple of years, almost in a half-kidding way. And then a few months ago, (exec producter) Brian Grazer and Pete called me saying they really wanted to do this. We had some meetings and we came up with a direction that we really loved. The trick was to figure out a way to both honor the series and not move away from that, but still find something that would be a satisfying movie in and of itself. It’s still very early — I’m just beginning to plot out the story for the script — but it’s something that we’re all excited about.”

So what’s the story morning glory? Looks like it’s going to revolve around the relationship between Coach Taylor (get the dude an effin’ Emmy) and Tami (get her one too, share the love) so basically it will be about the best part of the show. It will take place right after the finale so which means we are going back to Texas. They want to bring old characters back so if this goes all through, expect to see Riggins (who in Battleship, looks to be the new Channing Tatum) and the old crew back. However, Berg and Katims have not even talked to Kyle Chandler or Connie Britton, who both have their own TV plans, to discuss the opportunity. So this is something that could develop once the script gets done and we get everything more finalized aka, actually in production. Because Veronica Mars was supposed to get a movie. Arrested Development has a script apparently. And yet not a single movie poster about those movies have hit our cineplexes quite yet.

I am actually a bit apprehensive about all of this to be honest but more FNL is exactly what the world needs. I don’t think it will get the audience and the marketability carryover from the series so whether a studio actually green lights this, we’ll have to see. Maybe it’ll be more of the indie route because it always did have that raw feel to it with the cameras and they way it was always portrayed and photographed. I’ll watch it for sure but again, let’s see how far this gets.

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