‘Short Circuit’ Getting Reboot Treatment

Above art from MattiasFahlberg 

To be honest, I never even thought of the possibility of rebooting the Short Circuit franchise. I didn’t think they had to anyways since the loveable and cute Wall-E garbage bot completely f–king ripped off the Johnny 5 image anyways.

Dubya Tee Eff? ? ?

I loved the two Short Circuit movies as a kid and always wanted my own Johnny 5 robot to follow me around and make funny quips and observations about our organic-lifestyles. Now when I watch the films I become a little nauseous seeing how ridiculous it all seems in this day and age, which is the case with a lot of movies and cartoons from our childhood.

So I suppose it’s time for a reboot even though the masses aren’t exactly clamoring at the gates for one. And who better to bring a self aware, kid friendly robot from the 80’s forcefully back into our lives than Tim Hill, the director of the recent kid hit “Hop“. Check out the snippet from Deadline below:

Dimension Films is making a deal with Tim Hill to direct its reboot of Short Circuit, the 1986 film about an experimental robot manufactured to be a weapon until a lightning strike fills it with intelligence. It runs away and befriends a fractured family, the military in hot pursuit. Hill directed the Illumination pic Hop and Fox’s Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Seriously let’s face it, Hill can absolutely mine the box office gold out of this one. He made $183 million worldwide for a movie about the Easter Bunny’s son who shits out jelly beans for Cthulu’s sake! I’m sure he can have Johnny five rolling along the street crapping batteries and kids will go nuts. I say go for it Mr. Hill, as long as there is an audience willing to pay then go for it. One request I have is to please not have Johnny 5 voiced by the increasingly annoying Russell Brand. In my opinion that guy’s ship has sailed past the point of tolerable to the falls of un-f**king-bearable. I can’t stand him. Sorry to all you Brand fans, but you can join him if you wish.

I actually have another request. I would emphatically request that in this reboot they bring back the Los Locos, the most politically correct, well spoken group of individuals you will ever see. Watch the video below for their mission statement.

One thought on “‘Short Circuit’ Getting Reboot Treatment”

  1. Wow there is a lot of foul language in this review! But Los Locos rock!!!!!!!!!! They should bring back all 4 original ones as older gang members, it would be so much fun if they all made a cameo. What do you think??

    Oh and I think it sucks (for you I mean) that you no longer have any appreciation of what you loved as a kid. I still do, no matter if times and we have changed, our 5 yr old soul remains the same.


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