Breaking Bad: Season 4, Epidsode 4 – “Bullet Points” Review

Someone really doesn’t like Los Pollos Hermanos.

This episode took only about 5 minutes before it was already better than last week. This starts out with Mike in the back of a refrigerated truck when some competitors decide to turn the back of said truck to Swiss Cheese. Total dick move, and one that results in the attackers slain and Mike’s ear a little worse for wear. It was a pretty sweet way to start an episode before the credit even begin.

 After the sweetass opening and intro are done, we’re hit with some solid levity. Walt and Skyler discuss her quite detailed explanation for Hank where their money came from and how sweet Walt is at gambling. And while Skyler’s script makes Walt out to be some sort of animal, it result in little else than Hank and Walt Jr. being impressed.

Speaking of Hank, his spirits seem lifted significantly since last week as he once again appears to have some self worth. Helping out on Gale’s murder case file has done wonders. The case file by the way includes a very special DVD…

Earth Below US!!!

That brings us back to Jessie Pinkman, the man without fear it would seem. He is still living in a house full of low lives and junkies, as one of them decides to dip into Jessie’s bag of money. The only surprise here is how long it took someone to do so. So when Pinkman finds this out, and does nothing, it’s up to Mike to bring the piece of shit back. This is when Captain Badass shows Mike just how little he cares, thus further proving he is a liability. You can’t control a man who isn’t scared of you. This is why the episode ends with Mike driving Jessie to the desert, and Pinkman complying totally. For me this episode was all about Jessie forcing Gus’ hand, and driving Walt to the brink. Things are not going as smoothly as planned. Guess we’ll just have to wait till next week to see how Pinkman survives this one.

I give this week a solid 3.5 – We finally got some movement on Pinkman and there was a good amount of comedy. Nicely done.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: Season 4, Epidsode 4 – “Bullet Points” Review”

  1. i didnt really get the first part. competitors, ok,, but why hit a truck of batter? and why would gus anticipate this? and why would you jump onto a truck AFTER your clip is empty?
    didnt make much sense..


    1. Not chicken competitors, Meth competitors. They weren’t sent by the Colonel or anything. And I assume there was Meth hidden within the batter. and I think they assumed emptying their clips into the truck would have taken out anyone in there…


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