‘Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil’ Review: Episode 2 – ‘How To Make A Homunculus’

I love this show. Seriously. It’s easily one of my favorite on TV. Unfortunately, this episode isn’t one of my favorites. While it does have some hilarious moments and finalizes our beloved team of heroes, when compared to some of the other episodes of the series it doesn’t fully rate. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get to the episode.

It opens on Hannah, a character briefly introduced in the first episode. She studying in the science lab, gazing at a picture of her dead scientist parents. Her dickhole teacher steps in, criticizing Hannah, her parents, and her lack of friends. This is what’s wrong with the institution of education. Hannah fights back with her love of science, but the teacher sums it up pretty efficiently.

“Well, Science doesn’t love you Hannah. It doesn’t even like you. It killed your parents.”

Hannah continues with her experiment, which for some reason is attempting to fly a gerbil using a Da Vinci like flying machine. It fails, gerbil dies, she throws it out. But what does she find in the dumpster? The Book of Pure Evil, of course. As Hannah walks away with the book in her arms, the camera drops to show Todd and Curtis, blazing a fattie.

Curtis: “Shouldn’t we be looking for this book thingy?”

Todd: “Are you kidding, man? I can barely find my feet…”

Cue awesome opening title.

It’s your typical day at Crowley High, and Todd is once again attempting to hit on Jenny, despite her absolute and total disgust of him. They are in science class, and probably the most dreaded time of High School science is upon us. Choosing lab partners. Even worse? When the dickhole teacher chooses them for you. Jenny and Curtis are paired up, and Todd and Hannah are paired up, to Todd’s disappointment and Hannah’s enjoyment. Todd, however, has no idea who Hannah is, and continues to stare across the room at Jenny. When Hannah whips out the Book of Pure Evil and decides to make a Homunculus, Todd is oblivious to the fact that she has the book. Men.

Class is interrupted by the intercom as Todd is ordered to report to the Guidance Counselor’s office due to his ‘recent emotional problems’. Classmate snickering ensues, and Todd skulks off to Atticus’s office.

“As your Guidance Counselor, which is what I am…”

Atticus proceeds to discuss Todd’s recent attempt to destroy the school while under the influence of the Book, and tries to relate to Todd’s feelings of anger, feeling lost, and being… sexually confused? A little role reversal leads to Atticus revealing his knowledge and intent to have the Book.

“You know, If I had this book I would want to give it someone I trusted, someone who’s guiding me, counselling me. Guidance… counselling me.”

Things escalate and Atticus loses his cool, forcing Todd to question how Atticus even knows about the Book. Doing a quick about face, Atticus blames Todd’s drug use for making up the Book, but c’mon, nobody’s really convinced of this. But it effectively keeps this meeting ‘secret’, and Todd leaves. Atticus makes another mysterious call to the mysterious figure (probably the Satanists).

As Todd leaves he is confronted by Hannah, desperately trying to be noticed by Todd who brushes her off. So where does Todd go to when he is in need of some advice? The Metal Dudes. He asks them why they would show him the book, and they respond with some common sense. Things like it’s called the freaking Book of PURE EVIL! And that of course there will be consequences, little dude. They say he needs to control the Book, which leads to this…

Then we’re back in Science Class with Hannah, Mr. Dickhole, and his two favorite students, Slutty Cheerleader 1 and Slutty Cheerleader 2. Hannah shares her plans to make a Homunculus, to which the teacher, who kind of looks like a young Mr. Roper, continues to degrade Hannah and her parents, and then takes the very underage students to dinner.

Hannah is driven to pull out the book, and she recites the deadly words. Cut to Todd’s room where he is sleeping, and apparently having a nightmare. In his nightmare, we are looking though the eyes of something, as a drunk Mr. Dickhole and the Slutty Twins engage in possibly inappropriate activities. We then attack Mr. Dickhole with the freakish Carnie arms that we can see, and start clawing at his face. Todd wakes up, and the scene cuts to the Metal Dudes, still outside the school in the dark. The wind whips past them vigorously, and we learn there may be even more to them than we originally thought.

“It has begun anew…”

It’s the next day at Crowley High, and Atticus walks in to deliver the best line of the episode, “Holy Jupiter Shit”, which you can see in one of the scenes below:

It seems there been a murder/suicide/accident at Crowley High, and Mr. Dickhole has been impaled through the groin on the Slutty Cheerleaders Baking Soda Volcano. Atticus receives a mysterious phone call and backs out of the room, bumping into Todd and making for a very awkward moment. Hannah walks in to explain how Mr. Dickhole slipped on blood after carving a pentagram on his forehead and landed on the volcano. Sounds reasonable. But the good news? The science fair is still on and their ‘project’ is going great. Unlike the Slutty Cheerleaders who soon end up covered in their exploding volcano, which looks just like… well… you can figure that one out.

Curtis of course gives the thumb up, as Jenny pulls Todd out of the room, pushing Hannah out-of-the-way. Jenny informs Todd of the pentagram on Dickhole’s head being the same as on the Book, which of course activates Todd’s teen angst, causing him to run from Jenny, and his duty to the Book.

We are once again in the lair of the Satanists, where they are informing Atticus to find the scene of death, destruction and chaos, which is of course where he WAS when they called him to come to their lair. We learn a little bit more about what makes the book thrive, and he is instructed to find “emotionally unstable students” that the book might be drawn too. Seeing as he is a guidance counselor in a high school, that really doesn’t limit his options. He is once again sent on his way after a vicious scolding.

Back in Todd’s room, a new nightmare begins. Through the eyes and freaky carny hands we see another bedroom. Jenny’s bedroom, so maybe this isn’t as much of a nightmare we originally thought. Todd seems to enjoy it, until she wakes up and we see the freakish little imp try to attack Jenny. It looks just like Todd. Back in school, Jenny enlists Curtis to help her find Todd, who is for some reason on the run, and hides out in the janitor’s closet. Which means it’s time for the other side of the coin, and some advice from Jimmy.

They talk about Todd’s dreams, and how he’s afraid that he murdered the science teacher. Or afraid of putting Jenny in danger, which leads to a great speech by Jimmy about how girls love danger, and Todd should capitalize on that.

“And remember, if she’s not in danger, be sure to put her in danger…”

Todd finds Hannah and asks her about Jenny, which causes a rattle and grunt from the shrouded cage behind her. Obviously this leads Todd to finally take notice, and the moment that only Hannah has been waiting for… the unveiling of the science project.

Okay psych out. Here’s the little bastard.

Nasty little bugger. By this time Curtis and Jenny have joined Todd, and Jenny is reacquainted with the thing that attacked her last night. Of course it breaks free pretty quickly, nakedly jumping around the room and laughing a freakish little Ewok laugh. It proves to be challenging to Todd and Curtis to find the homunculus in a scene kind of reminiscent of the search for the face hugger in Aliens. At least until it pops up and starts humping a stuffed armadillo.

Behind the Scenes of the Homunculus

Todd grabs it, because after years of jacking off he has an iron grip, but he is soon given a face full of… uh… Baking Soda Volcano Explosion. Curtis steps into help, not really doing anything. They proceed to destroy the lab looking for the Homunculus, while Jenny, obviously the brains of the operation, confronts Hannah about the Book. The Homonculus grabs the Book and retreats into the air ducts.

The interrogation of Hannah begins, and we soon learn from a surprised Curtis in a brief moment of clarity that ‘Tiny Todd’ acts on Hannah’s subconscious desires. Attacking both Jenny and Mr. Dickhole because of Hannah’s feelings of anger and jealousy. And then Todd comes up with a plan. What’s the plan? Just watch this:

“Just like German Herpes!”[/caption]

See you after next week’s episode!

And if you missed the first episode you can check it out here!

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