Review: HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Season 4, Episode 8 – “Spellbound”

Could season four be writing itself out of a nose dive?  I sure hope so.  While I sill can’t say for sure whether this season is definitively getting better, this week’s episode at least made an improvement from the last one for a change.  Let’s delve right in.


We last left the folks at Bon Temps undergoing quite a bit of scary spellwork.  Antonia, inhabiting Marnie’s body, has gathered quite a coven of followers to recreate her spell which will cause all vampires in the area to daywalk and burn alive in the sun.  Bill has ordered that each vampire in the area bind him or herself in silver until the day passes.  Bill, however, goes a little easy on Jessica and she manages to escape her binds and is attempting to make her way outside.  Jason runs in like a badass and tackles her to the ground.  They then start making out.

While the wolf pack is agreeing to stay out of the fight between witches and vampires and Sam is trying to win back the girl Tommy slept with, and Sookie & Eric are drinking each other’s blood.  How romantic.  As a young girl, I had always dreamed that one day I would find a man with whom I could share blood with.  Yummy.

Also, it snows in Sookie’s shower and when you open the curtain, it takes you to Narnia, complete with a bed for her and Eric to continue their adult film on.

Vampire Bill has prepared a statement for the media about what has happened to the vampire that did not bind herself in silver.  Antonia is super pissed.  Bill gives her a heartfelt apology and asks to meet face to face, unarmed.  She agrees.

Tommy breaks into Ms. Thorntonberry’s house and steals her makeup to play dress-up. He meets the nice natural gas man at Merlotte’s, looking quite hilarious, and asks for a check.

Jessica has a daydream of breaking up with Hoyt; he begs her not to leave him and she ends up killing him to go bang Jason in his truck.  Reality, however, is a kick in the fangs for our poor Jessica.  Hoyt ends up saying some pretty nasty things to her before kicking her out of his house and smashing a lamp.  She goes over to Jason’s and he kicks her out, too.  Bad day for Jessica.

Lafayette has some trouble with the creepy lady that’s been following Arlene’s baby around.  Come to find out, she had a baby with a married man and that man killed the baby.  Oh, and it’s the doll that’s been haunted, not the baby.  Anyway, she jumps into Lafayette’s body, I hope no one notices how feminine this makes him.

Meanwhile, Bill’s meeting with Antonia is not going well.  It turns into an all-out war between the vampires and the witches…

Sookie gets shot, and while Bill is encased in silver and Eric is being enchanted yet again by Antonia, Alcide is the only one there to save her. This makes Debbie very happy.

All in all, while I’m still not impressed with this season, I did like this episode better than the last.  Eric is still completely boring, and Bill was much more likable before he was so political, but we’re finally getting somewhere.  My only hope is that we’d get there quicker.

This story line with Antonia is long and drawn out.  True Blood has a knack for making stories last so long, in fact, that when they finally get resolved I’ve not only stopped caring, but also lost the will to continue living out of boredom.  This story better sort itself out quick, or I just may stop writing altogether because I will have stopped watching the show.

PANTERA FOREVER! - You gotta admire Antonia's sense of revenge though.

I’m actually curious to see what next week will bring.  Vampire Bill screwed up, so we’ll probably see a good bit of Nan.  Alcide can’t keep away from Sookie, no matter how much Debbie begs; which is fine with me, because I like him better than the vampire alternatives at the moment.  And what did Antonia do to Eric?  Hopefully made him less ridiculous and boring.  Tune in next week to find out, I suppose.

I give this episode 3/5 bears.  True Blood, don’t fail me now.

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