Hero Express – DC Edition: Superman, Batman, and Flash

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This is the Hero Express for August 15, 2011:

Henry Cavill Sporting the S-Curl – (MovieHole)

We got to see our first look at Cavill in the cape and tights here, but here we get to see a good shot of Cavill sporting the famous S-Curl that Supes has been rocking for 75 years.

Laurence Fishburne is ‘Perry White’ – (SuperHeroHype)

Joining the cast of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel is none other than Laurence Fishburne, in the role of Perry White, editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet. I think this is great casting, and I look forward to some ‘Great Ceaser’s Ghost’ dropped by Morpheus Fishburne. Of course there is the usual misguided crap out there about a black actor playing a white character, but in the case of Perry White, ethnicity certainly doesn’t matter. It’s the role he plays in Superman’s life that’s important, and I think Fishburne will make a great ‘Chief’.

The Flash Supposedly Has A ‘Solid Script’ – (/Film)

Sometimes I really don’t know what ot think of WB and thier plans for the DC cast of characters. The Batman movies have been awesome (lately) but Green Lantern missed the mark with me and many others. Not to mention their plans for a Justice League movie that doesn’t even feature the movie versions of the characters that we’ve already seen, so I think its safe to say I worry a little about other big-budget versions of my favorite characters. Anyways, here’s a little from president of the Warner Bros Film Group Jeff Robinov:

Of course, the future of DC superhero movies is still somewhat up in the air. “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final chapter of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, comes out next summer, followed by Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, “Man of Steel,” in June 2013. Later that year or in 2014, Warner could go ahead with a second Green Lantern or Flash movie. Robinov said the studio has “a solid script” for the Scarlet Speedster. The executive also remains interested in bringing DC heroes together for a “Justice League” movie.

Flash would make a great movie, and has a huge cast of characters to draw from, not to mention one of the best rogues gallery next to Batman’s. I hope their ‘solid script’ is a hell of a lot better than Green Lantern‘s was.

The Pittsburgh Steelers in TDKR – (CinemaBlend)

That’s right, the Steelers will be playing the part of the Gotham Rogues (Even though it should be the Gotham Knights, just sayin’) in TDKR. Here’s a little more on thier role in the movie plus a few words from QB Roethlisberger:

Pittsburgh’s Post Gazette reports that playing football in The Dark Knight Rises will be none other than members of the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football team. While it doesn’t look like the entire team will be participating, the paper says that quarterback Roethlisberger and “about a dozen of his veteran teammates” will be taking the field to play in the fictional game. Thomas Tull, one of the film’s executive producers, has been a part owner of the Steelers for two years and, according to the story, Roethlisberger and him have become quite chummy (that’ll happen when you win two championships in the span of four years). 

Said the quarterback of the experience, “I heard it’s going to be a neat thing at the stadium. I don’t think it will be a big part, it’s not like we’re chasing Batman down or anyting. It’s something neat that in 10 years or 20 years we can tell our kids we were in a movie. Thomas does movies big and I’m sure it will be a big-time movie and something fun to be part of.” 

Explosions & Bane at Heinz Field – (GammaSquad)

Aside from dropping a little bit of unconfirmed character news regarding Catwoman being a stripper (meow) we also get to see a little bit from the filming at Heinz field, which features explosions and Bane, plus we actually get to hear Bane’s (Tom Hardy‘s) voice.

And a little bit of a closer look at Bane on the field:

Catwoman Stunt Double Destroys IMAX Camera – (TMZ)

It seems like Catwoman isn’t just stealing expensive things these days, she’s also just destroying them completely. Filming a scene that features Catwoman on the Batpod (which we know from The Dark Knight that it is incredibly hard to drive) racing down a set of stairs and… well… I’ll let the video do the talking. You can check out the link for their angle, and here’s a look from above the scene:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt On Set of TDKR – (Collider)

And the last new video from the set for today features our first look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt filming a scene in snow. Still not much word on his character or part in the film, and the scene doesn’t spoil too much, so speculation is in the air! Is he really playing a cop in Gordon’s unit? Or is there more to his role, like we expect from Marion Cotillard‘s role as Talia al Ghul Miranda Tate? Time will tell, but you can check out the video right now:

I still think he’s playing Holiday. That’s just me, though.

And I’ll end this edition of the Hero Express with a look at a commercial for a CG Batgirl TV show that was a part of an episode of Batman: The Brave & The Bold. It’s a very cool little commercial and I would watch the shit out of this show. Batgirl 4 life, son!

Be sure to comment on any of the news stories we talked about today, and check in later this week for some of the news from the Marvel side of things!

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