Children’s Hospital Returning For Season 4

If you’ve never watched Children’s Hospital during the Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, then you’re missing out but still retain a greater amount of brain cells than me. Children’s Hospital is like Grey’s Anatomy mashed together with…. good God I don’t even know. It pretty much mocks crappy shows like E.R. and Greys Anatomy. Either way it’s hysterical, weird and awkward all at the same time. Will it change your life? No, but it sure makes it funny for about the fifteen minutes each episode runs. So it’s a good thing it’s coming back for a fourth season. Check it out via IGN:

Childrens Hospital is coming back for Season 4. Adult Swim announced today that a new season comprised of 14 episodes will go into production later this year, and will debut in 2012. All the main participants involved in the series are back, including creator/star Rob Corddry and his fellow executive producers Jonathan Stern and David Wain. The press release included some appropriately tongue-in-cheek comments from the EPs…

“I’m very pleased and honored by this announcement,” said Corddry. “I’m also very surprised, given that I write this show when I’m very, very drunk. Season 4 promises to be a cry for help.”

I have no doubt that Rob Corddry really does write Children’s Hospital when he’s drunk. If he wrote it sober the show would be completely unwatchable. You can’t just soberly think up two brothers who are clowns fighting over one of the brothers shooting a porno in the hospital. If you do then you’re completely mental and need help. But you can watch those events unfold on TV without being called mental, plus you can watch it sober and it’s still funny!

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