Spirit of Vengeance Trailer: Ghost Rider Rides Again! And Pees!

Lets be honest about the first Ghost Rider movie not being very good. It failed me in almost every way. Sure Ghost Rider looked cool, but the story was weak, the villain was weak and Nic Cage was super weak. But hopefully all of that will change with the upcoming sequel that’s not a sequel called Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Now personally, I thought this is the type of movie that could have went straight to DVD but Hollywood has other plans. Ghost Rider has a new look in this one, his skull visage still aflame but completely charred black. He looks a lot more no nonsense as he thrashes bad guys with his chains even while they’re driving and spits bullets into their faces. That sounds terrible but just watch the trailer to see:

As you can see this one seems to be a bit more violent, which is good because there isn’t anything too cuddly and nice when it comes to Ghost Rider. For me he’s like the Punisher in supernatural mode. The part at the end with him peeing fire kind of killed it for me but I’ll still be at the theater checking it out when the time comes.

5 thoughts on “Spirit of Vengeance Trailer: Ghost Rider Rides Again! And Pees!”

  1. Totally! Fire Pee? Guaranteed that was Cage’s idea. He prolly had a clause in his contract. “If there’s a sequel, I want to piss fire. That’s the deal-breaker.”

    Much more excited for this one then the first one, I think the directors have me sold with some kick ass motorcycle action and cool visuals. Bring it.


  2. It’s not going straight to DVD but it’s coming out in Feb (Not a good sign!)

    And yea, the peeing kinda derailed my excitement… but at least they are trying to be creative -.-


  3. Pissing fire? Bah! I’ve done that. Then the doctor gave me something to clear it up.
    I was underwhelmed by the last film. But then I’ve never been that impresed by Ghost Rider.


  4. Anyone who says they’re mad at Ghost Rider pissing fire doesn’t get it-he’s a fire skulled biker riding a hell bike powered by the devil. It’s the most Metal thing that could ever be, why the shit wouldn’t he pee fire? What part of that isn’t Metal? I agree with Patton Oswalt- my ass is already in line.


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